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Today I'd like to share a heartwarming mail order bride story from Etta Foster and a clean regency romance from author Isabella Thorne.

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A sheriff with a mysterious past. A bride with a secret. Will they find the courage to liberate themselves?

Anna Stephens wants to avoid the engagement with a hideous banker so she has been secretly writing to the sheriff of Ragford for six months now. When he finally sends a letter to ask her to marry him, she instantly accepts. But her journey is full of unexpected and fateful events…

Kent Wilcox grew up in Boston and gave up everything to be a sheriff in a town amidst Montana’s breathtaking mountains. Nothing is known about him except the fact that he is looking for a respectable woman to start a family. Even though, his heart yearns for more…

As soon as Anna arrives at Montana, her wedding to Kent is arranged immediately. Yet, what she finds there is nothing like she expected. And Kent would never have guessed what Anna brings with her…

But no matter how hard you try, your secrets cannot stay hidden forever…

When Kent finds out, he will have to reconsider his personal values. Will he blur the lines he put to his morals and forgive her and will Anna wait for him to do so?


Christmas Cheer and Happily Ever After.
Dukes, earls and brave ladies, all wrapped up like a present with a dangerous Christmas masquerade!

Randolph Keening, the Earl of Keegain, is engaged to be married, and therein lies the problem.
He does not love his intended bride, but he will honor his word, both to the lady and to his late father.

When Miss Jane Bellevue traveled to Kennett Park for the Christmas holiday, she never expected to fall in love with her best friend’s brother.
But from the moment Jane first locked eyes with Lord Keegain, she knew she was meant to be his.
If only he was not already promised to the cold but beautiful, Lady Margret Fairfax.

Lady Margret is everything Jane is not.
Why would the earl notice her when he could have a proper lady?
But there is more afoot at Kennett Park than a simple Christmas Ball.

With a borrowed identity, during the Christmas Masquerade Jane runs afoul of a dangerous plot. Jane’s life may be in peril, but it is the loss of her heart that she fears the most.
Trapped in the web of upper society that she does not understand Jane must uncover what it is that truly makes a lady noble.

Lord Keegain has always been an honorable man, but with a traitor in his own house everything has changed.
Miss Bellevue is in danger and England is at stake.
The earl is determined to bring the villains to justice, no matter the personal cost. He has given his vow to Lady Margret, but it is the lovely Jane Bellevue that holds his heart.

Balancing love against honor, the intrepid pair must catch the culprits or risk losing their own happily ever after.

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