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Australian gamba

Let me first greet the newcomers in my fairyland, and since we are in the era of the viola da gamba revival, let me present you a gambist from Sydney: Jenny Eriksson

Jenny has several ensembles including Elysian Fields , which latest production, the CD What should I say, comes with a video:

What should I say

Jenny is not afraid to think outside the box, she walks between genres without blinders. But I won´t turn into a musical critic here, I prefer to let you discover the productions of her various ensembles around the electric and acoustic viol, like
the Marais Project and Elysian Fields

Since the Internet has become the Mother Of All Information that allows independent artists to disseminate their creations, I recommend her YouTube channel

Little info before finishing, my site is being taken care of at this very moment, thanks to the help of my friend Matt Steady, another independent musician, but I´ll write more about him next time...

Surprise, surprise, Jenny posted today on our dear social media a playlist with various Gamba colleagues from around the world, of which she makes me the honor to be part: 

Playlist Spotify

Dear Pantagruelists, who live in peace, joy, health, and lavish food, please drink from this source and don´t hesitate to share it with your friends!

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Gilles Zimmermann

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