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Happy Independence Day

Fireworks Safety

This time of year has always been a bit scary for me. I have a ton of cousins; a lot of them boys and older than me. They enjoyed bottle rocket wars and believed that the noisier the fireworks, the better! I did not share their enthusiasm.

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COVID-19 News

Confused about COVID-19?

Me too! Nothing seems to be consistent; credibility isn't exactly coming up in spades; and there's no end to conspiracy theories and brouhaha. Quite frankly, I'm finished with news, radio, and social media articles, memes, and "facts" related to the pandemic. I bet you are too. I'm trying to stress about it a little less, and you should too. Here is some food for thought from the University of Texas MD Anderson Center:

  1. Make sure that the information is coming from an authoritative source on COVID-19. I love my friends who are pharmacists, anesthesiologists, and nurses, but unless you're an epidemiologist or work closely with one, your opinion on the subject holds little weight with me
  2. Check that the information is recently published. Things are constantly changing because this virus is "new". There are similar viruses, but scientists are still learning about COVID-19, so information will probably continue to change.
  3. Trust local authorities to have the most accurate coronavirus information for your community. What's happening in other places might affect some of my family in those places, but local guidelines for my own household holds more weight.
  4. Carefully consider news that seems designed to elicit an emotional response. Don't buy real estate based on emotions, and don't put your kids in a bubble based on your emotions about the pandemic. Breath...just breath.
  5. Be careful to distinguish between news and opinion. This has never been harder because so many things masquerade as news but are actually opinion pieces. If in doubt, call your mother, but talk about anything other than the pandemic. Weather, maybe?
    DeSoto Farmers' Market
    July 4, 2020

    We'll be open!

    Check out the:

    • great produce
    • cool gifts for active duty military and veterans
    • our market raffle basket!
    • presentation of our Colors at 9 AM
    • great place to enjoy the parade at 10 AM

    We still ask that you maintain your social distance from others and encourage you to wear a mask and wash your hands before entering the market.

    1-Week Meal Planning

    A week of meals for a family of 4!

    I love the idea of meal planning or prepping. I just stink at really doing it. This article gives you a week of meals (3 each day) and a handy shopping list of ingredients.

    Have I used it to plan a week of meals? Absolutely not! Like I said, I'm not good at meal planning. I have generated ideas for meals though based on the meals in this 1-week plan. If it helps you save a little money during difficult times, then I'm glad I shared it. If it just encourages you to add a bit of color to your diet, that's fine too.

    1 week meal plan
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