Guyanese Online: NEWS ARTICLES: January 22-27, 2020

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News and Feature Items:  January 22-27, 2020 


ExxonMobil ups Guyana recoverable resources to more than 8 billion barrels, makes discovery at Uaru

Corruption: Guyana registers best ever score on Transparency International ranking

Guyana: Power Generation: Giftland to supply GPL with 4.5 megawatts of power

Guyana Politics: PPP challenges GECOM explanation on changes to particulars of 91,000 voters

Guyana Politics: Shuman bounced from elections by GECOM over dual citizenship

Business: Big Oil has a do-or-die decade ahead because of climate change – The Economist


Guyana: Cuban specialists give President Granger good health report

Guyana Elections: “Over 90,000 corrections” made to Revised List of Electors

Guyana: Renewed efforts to make our roads much safer – by Francis Quamina Farrier     

Guyana Politics: Will the West Lose Guyana to the Chinese? – Ian McCredie | Fair Observer

Guyana: Private hospitals rake in millions for unnecessary tests

OPINION: A plea to humanity amidst the brutality – By Yvonne Sam


US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo Urges Caribbean To Be Wary Of Chinese Investments

Suriname: President Desi Bouterse fights 20 year jail sentence for 1982 executions

EGovernment, A Step Towards A More Citizen-Centred Caribbean | By David Jessop


China is imposing tough measures to contain the Wuhan coronavirus – The Economist

 World Economics: The Greatest Financial Train Wreck the World Has Ever Seen – Bill Bonner’s Diary

US Politics: Fahrenheit Wisconsin- main battleground in America’s political war – The Economist

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s Compulsive Claims of ‘BIGGEST’ Ever – By Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen | AP News

U.S. — Trump’s unfitness for office runs deeper than policies, personal flaws – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Is Toronto’s Housing Market Too Big To Fail? – By Natalka Falcomer | REM + Video

India: Narendra Modi stokes divisions in the world’s biggest democracy – The Economist


Doomsday Clock: A Hundred Seconds to Midnight – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Medical: Over 70% of 12- to 14-year-olds in China are short-sighted – The Economist

Reducing Fire, and Cutting Carbon Emissions, the Aboriginal Way – Thomas Fuller | The New York Times


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