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Running a business off the back of your personal brand: Lots of moving parts!


Sunday, July 19, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia



I posted a hand-drawn version of this 'mind-map' some weeks ago and there was a lot of interest; I refined it a bit and got someone to make it look pretty, and here it is!


{If you want me to email you a high-res PDF copy to print out, please hit reply to this email and ye shall receive!}

It started as a 'topic canvas' for my podcast REPUTATION REVOLUTION, which is designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders and experts build visibility, influence and trust in today's 'reputation economy'.

But more than that, the 'universe' represents key elements that aspiring thought leaders and professional experts need to be aware of if they're wanting to build a sustainable business off the back of their personal brand. 

Not actually do everything here of course, but be aware of the various elements involved in the four 'cornerstones' of a personal brand-based business, namely:

(a) ESTABLISH your voice, (b) ENHANCE the credibility of that voice, (c) EXTEND your reach, and (d) EXTRACT value from the brand and reputation you've managed to build.

If you'd like to know more about REPUTATION REVOLUTION - a podcast about personal brand influence and impact - click here. It's available via all good podcast apps including Spotify, Stitcher, Apple and Android Podcasts.


Shout-out of the fortnight

This fortnight’s shout-out goes to ... Myles Harris from Petrol Digital.

This week I've been shifting websites from web host to web host, and in all the kerfuffle, on Friday I lost my ability to send or receive emails (aaaargh!). 

I was fortunate that Myles knows his DNS from his ASPMXs and got me out of email purgatory. 

Myles is a social media advertising expert. If you need help with paid social campaigns, especially around Facebook and Instagram, he is definitely worth having on your radar.


What I’ve been listening to

I've actually been listening to a bit of true crime, if truth be known. How could you not like the intro to the latest episode of Naked City with John Silvester: "Keith Banks arrived at the Police Academy a clean cut teetotaller. Within a few years he was a dope smoking, binge drinking undercover cop."

But I digress ... 

This fortnight, I recommend Let's Talk Marketing, a podcast hosted by Adam Fraser for EY.

If you listen to one episode, make sure it's this one. But seriously, there are heaps of great episodes, they're all worth checking out!


I've always wondered ...

Why should I have to be the one to unsubscribe from people's emails that I didn't subscribe to in the first place?

If you agree, you might like this article: 'I’ve just deleted over 14,000 marketing emails. Here is what I learned …' (to be fair, I think I did subscribe to these). Email marketing is a terrific way to market your brand and your business, but only if used in a way that respects the audience.


Tool/app of the fortnight (bonus edition!)

Are you a supporter of quality journalism? This app may appeal to you ... 


Here's the spiel: "Discover the world’s best news in one app. No paywalls. No ads. No clickbait."

I've only just discovered it, but it's taken my fancy. Be interested to hear your views ... 


I found this article interesting

Top marketing blogger Mark Schaefer describes this report as "fascinating", and he is right! 

4 new shopping trends revealed in post-lockdown China

(via World Economic Forum)

Lots of change coming folks ... are you ready?


I found this article interesting (and funny!)

I reckon this is up there with Mark Ritson's best articles - it certainly is his funniest, even though it comes with a sting in the tail for one of the main characters ('Virtual Gary') - 

In a virtual marketplace, only the strongest brands will survive

HERE IS A SAMPLE (opening paragraph): "My wife has a private yoga instructor. A tall, very calm dude called Gary who turns up once a week in spandex and puts her through the positions, while I work downstairs trying – mightily – to avoid invasive thoughts about them going at it like beavers in the master bedroom."

(Be quick - apparently it drops behind a paywall before too long).

Ritson isn't everyone's cup of tea due to his robust opinions, but there is no doubt he has managed to build an impressive name for himself within international marketing circles. Indeed, we can learn a lot from him in terms of what's required to build a strong professional profile and reputation i.e. (a) have a unique evidence-based point of view underpinned by experience and communicated consistently, (b) produce regular long-form content - in Ritson's case, he writes columns and opinion pieces for key media outlets such as Marketing Week and The Australian, the latter broadening his reach beyond just marketing circles, and (c) stoke the fires of conversation by fronting up to Twitter and LinkedIn on a regular basis to interact with fans, followers and readers.


This quote caught my attention

"If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to outwork thousands in front of nobody." –  Damian Lillard, pro basketballer with the Portland Trail Blazers


Hit “reply”

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Thanks for reading! Until next time ...




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