GUYANA: OIL: I prefer an int’l investigation into oil blocks awards – Raphael Trotman

– Former Natural Resource s Minister, Raphael Trotman

 Nov 20, 2020 – By Kemol King – Kaieteur News – Former Minister of Natural Resources and Alliance for Change (AFC) executive, Raphael Trotman, would prefer that there be an investigation into the awards of offshore oil blocks by an independent, international firm as industry governance advocate, Global Witness, has recommended. The attorney-at-law provided this comment, when asked by Kaieteur News yesterday.

Awards of multiple oil blocks have been perceived by some sections of society and political commentators to have been made under suspicious and/or corrupt circumstances, and not in-keeping with the best interests of the Guyanese people.       

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US POLITICS: Sen. Marco Rubio: China’s threat to U.S. national security – Video


Rubio: “China’s threat to U.S. national security is not a game”

This speech in the USA Senate was made by Sen. Mark Rubio on May 23, 2018. He is a a Republican who supported Trump’s call for revised trade deals with China.  The new Democratic government may, most likely, usher in a cooling off of the USA-China trade conflict, but the points raised here by Marco Rubio should be examined from a non-political standpoint.         

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US POLITICS: The President Is Golfing and Exercising White Male Privilege – Opinion

    Robin Givhan | The Washington Post

   Few images capture the position of privilege from which the president operates better than the ones that depict him at his golf club in Virginia. In several of the pictures, he isn’t playing the game — or even holding a club — but rather simply tooling around the course like a feudal lord in a golf cart with his personalized campaign baseball cap pulled low.        

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TRAVEL to GUYANA- Information Sheet – COVID-19 requirements


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