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Consecrated life is not dying,
it's renewing.

“I didn’t realize there were so many sisters in our diocese,” a friend said to me after we’d welcomed representatives from some of the 28 communities of consecrated men and women within our diocese. Neither had I, I admitted, scanning the mostly unfamiliar faces. The answer to that may lie in the fact that many of them are continually at work with the poor, sick and marginalized, not on our doorsteps.

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Caring for the sick in this world

Throughout Canada’s history, the Roman Catholic Church had a crucial part in founding and engaging in the provision of healthcare rooted in a faithful response to the Gospel call. In his message, Bishop McGrattan urges healthcare providers to be consistent in promoting the dignity and life of each person and safeguard the right to life. Read more.

A community of faith to surround the dying

Society’s current response to suffering is to enact a law that allows physicians to deliberately end a person’s life through the provision of chemicals to cause death. Dr. Eric Wasylenko, a palliative care physician, shares the importance of the very human act of dying and and what we can do as faith commmunity to protect and support those who are vulnerable. Read more.

My first year as a Deacon

Deacon Laing's spiritual director said that once ordained, he must "continually be open, and vulnerable, to the revelations which Christ wishes to share with him." How did it go for Deacon Laing in his first year as a Deacon? "We must let go of doing things our own way, and supplant them with God’s way." Read more.

A welcome from Seeds of the Word Community

"What's with the ice cream?" you might ask. That's because Brazil is hot, and both of these Fathers needed a cool boost. Fr. Cristino Bouvette had no idea that he would find himself in Brazil, not long after Sr. Mary Elisabeth asked him to travel there to learn about their community. Read more.

Bishop McGrattan celebrates 10 years as bishop

What is it like for Bishop McGrattan as he enters the tenth year as a bishop? "...there has been a great gift of growing in wisdom," he said. In the interview with Sara Francis, Bishop McGrattan shares how to make good decisions, and highlights the first three years he served as the Bishop of Calgary. Read more.

Love takes action

These past few months, friends have been asking the newly married Karissa Factura, “How’s married life?” And now after 100 days, Karissa is sharing how it really is. "It's new." And with that, flows a beautiful reflection about what it means to cherish, serve and love each other with the mutual gift of self-offering. Read more.

The faith & marriage connection

This year, three parishes invited married couples to celebrate Valentine's Day with a deeper awareness of God's grace in their lives. Two held marriage renewal celebrations and one hosted a retreat led by a married couple who shared some ideas for faith-filled Catholic marriages. Read more.

Men of the Diocese give St. Henry's new life

St. Henry’s, founded by Fr. Albert Lacombe in 1907, received a new coat of paint in August, when men from the Diocese of Calgary volunteered for the job. Learn more about the project, and the memories for the living and loving that went on at St. Henry’s for over a hundred years. Read more.

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Lenten Mission for Parents & Teachers

Feb. 23 at 7 pm
St. Michael's, Calgary

Religious Vocations Retreat for Women

March 7 - All Day
Our Lady of Assumption

Young Adults Lenten Retreat

March 20 - 22
Camp Chestermere

Faith and Fun Night with the Flames

March 21 at 8 pm
Calgary Stampede

Euthanasia law survey prompts backlash from Canadian bishops

In a strongly worded letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  — CCCB president Richard Gagnon reiterated the Catholic Church’s opposition to government-sanctioned suicide.

There is no humility without humiliation

Commenting on the day’s Gospel, Pope Francis exhorts Christians to follow the path of humiliation as indicated by Jesus and John. He also urges pastors not to give in to worldliness, to the “temptation to climb”.

Chinese church charity appeals for medical supplies to fight coronavirus

As deaths continue to rise from the coronavirus epidemic, China faces a severe shortage of medical supplies. The urgent need for emergency treatment led many medical workers to be exposed to a dangerous environment.

Pompeo Announces New Alliance for Religious Freedom

A new International Religious Freedom Alliance with 27 member states was announced on Wednesday by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “Together, we say that freedom of religion or belief is not a Western ideal, but truly the bedrock of societies.”

Photoraphers guide to taking pictures during liturgies

This is meant to help those who would like to take a picture during a liturgy (baptism, wedding, ordination, or other) to do so with 'decorum,' that is, doing so in good taste or respectably. Read more.

Why do we practice fasting and abstinence?

In this illustrated guide, you will learn why fasting and abstinence is both a powerful and beautiful way of living out penance and self-denial, both important realities in our Christian life. Read guide.

Take a quiz: What should you give up for Lent?

Take the time now to think about what you might give up this year for Lent. This is a fun quiz to help you start thinking about and planning for the season. Pray before you decide on your Lenten promise. Take the quiz

Diocesan Lent & Easter Liturgical Notes

This is a diocesan liturgical guide and resources for the Lenten and Easter season. It includes important reminders and a list of great resources for those who are involved in the liturgy. Read liturgical notes.

When you walk in the Canadian winter, the best part is when you get to come back home.

That's what the Coldest Night of the Year is all about. It's when we join together to walk for hungry, homeless, and hurting people and families in our community. So join us on February 20 - Start a team, register to walk, volunteer or fundraise.

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