Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Community,

Please be advised that three intentions to apply for liquor licenses in the Melville area were advertised for November 2020.

These were for a restaurant licence and two pub licences.

The location of the proposed restaurant is at 27 Boxes and the pub licences in 4th Avenue (corner of Main Road). The lease agreement for 27 Boxes we had sight of some time ago, does not allow the sale of liquor on the premises. In respect of a pub, special use consent is required from the council in respect of the property.

We had confirmation from the Gauteng Liquor Board that the restaurant licence application was duly submitted by a company with the name of Rustic Flair Food and Events but to date we were still not able to obtain a copy of the application.

No confirmation whether the other applications were lodged could be obtained to date despite numerous enquiries.

Of concern is the fact that objections must be lodged by end of this week, Friday 27 November 2020.

As you are aware there are more than 40 liquor licenced premises within a radius of 1 kilometre from about the centre of Melville.

Residents, who are concerned about these applications, are encouraged to object – start preparing ideas for this. The Gauteng Liquor Board has the authority to either decline a licence or to issue a conditional licence.

The MRA will, as is the practice lodge an objection in an endeavour to liaise with the applicants who to date did not reach out to the MRA to engage.

As soon as we have further information we will advise.

MRA Liquor Portfolio

MRA Executive Committee
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