Oracle Java and Database Certifications

Oracle : Java Certifications

Java : 1Z0-808
Java 1Z0-809

Java is one of the most used programming language in the world. Almost 70% programmer uses this language for development even you want mobile application development or web or desktop or enterprise application development. Its very dynamic language and new features are being added in this language to make it more to programm. Even , if you are new to Java , you should start learning new features of Java 8. If you are already using Java for your day to day programming than also you need to learn new features. Java  is moving very fast and best way to know all the new features of Java go for Java Certification. Oracle deviced its basic Java Certifications in two parts. Java SE Programmer-1 and Java SE Programmer-2

Java Used for  : Mobile applications, Web Applications, Enterprise, Cloud api, Data Analytics etc. 

Oracle : SQL Database Certification
SQL Fundamentals
Oracle 12C Admin

Writing SQL Query is one of the most common requirement for almost every developer/administrator. Even you are business analyst/user, you must be able to write SQL query to understand the data stored in database. Hence, we are providing above two Oracle certification.

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