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Adara's February 2020 Update
Magic is real. ✨

Ever since I was a child, I've always believed magic was real. I was obsessed with magic tricks and Disney movies. I wanted to figure out how I could make magic a reality. 

Fast forward to the present: I still believe magic is real... just not in the way I imagined. I love this quote by Arthur C. Clarke - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." 💫

The thing about magic is that it's all around us... it's the technologies we create to shape our world. 

I'm a futurist. I love thinking about what a better future could look like and how we can make it a reality. Something else I believe is that it's in our hands. We all have a role to play in designing the future and part of that is developing new magic. The things that seem impossible right now will be the innovations that are a part of our daily lives in the future if we focus on creating them now! 

This month, I decided to embrace my love of magic and start thinking of ways we can create a better future. Along with seeking opportunities out of my comfort zone so I can continue to learn and grow. 

For those new to my newsletter, 👋🏼 I'm Adara. A 17 y/o on a mission to help address the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I have a huge passion for the environment and exploration (marine, space, and terrestrial). 🌍 I'm a futurist, activist, genetics researcher, and writer. 

You're receiving this newsletter because you agreed to come along with me on my journey and for that, I'm highly grateful! 

Let's get into this month's magic. 😉⬇

On A Panel @ Wattpad HQ 📚

Had the incredible opportunity of panelling at Wattpad with Ananya Chadha and Christina Wang! On the panel we discussed some of our projects, experiences with Wattpad, and touched on topics like bullying & authenticity. Thank you so much to Jeanne Lam (GM at Wattpad) and Dani Zacarias (Head of Content and Creator Development at Wattpad) for organizing this panel and to the whole Wattpad team for being highly supportive and creating a safe online community. 💓

Speaking @ Maple Leaf Foods On The Future Of Food 🍔

Fast forward one day later... and I'm at Maple Leaf Foods HQ in Mississauga. I was invited to speak on "The Future of Food" during the first speaker series of the year. Speaking at Maple Leaf Foods is by far one of the highlights of my month because I'm extremely passionate about sustainability and they're on a mission to become the world's most sustainable protein company! Victoria Dmitruczyk and Waris Zahoor also gave awesome talks. Thank you so much to The Knowledge Society and Maple Leaf Foods for this opportunity. Special shoutout to Jennifer Brown for organizing this. 

Speaking & Adventures
Coaching Space Technologies @ TKS Foundations 🚀

I had the incredible opportunity to help design and coach The Knowledge Society's Foundation program. The sessions I coached were on Space Technology. We did activities like origami engineering Starshades, designing rockets, and talked about the future of space exploration. Thank you to Nadim Nasser for inviting me to coach these sessions. 🙏🏼

What I've Been Working On.

Content I've created over the past month. 

Growing A Moonbase Ft. Mushrooms 🍄

An article on NASA's plan to grow a moonbase out of mycelia. 

It's A Small World After All 🔎

An introduction to nanotechnology article.

Personal Website 1.0

A notion website stand-in for my personal website, while it's under construction. 

Solar Foods One-Pager

A one-pager I made on a sustainable food company - Solar Foods. 

Other content I created in February: 

Experiences + Accomplishments
Other adventures this month.
In February, I began new adventures!
I ❤️'d In February

These are my Top 3 resources from the past month: 

  1. FLIK Apprenticeship Portal 
  2. Thought For Food Digital Labs

  3. 2020 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 
Coming Soon
Sneak Peek Into March:

A little preview into how I'm planning on spending my time during the upcoming month! 😉

🎤 Speaking
  • The University of Windsor on Climate Action @ City Climate Act 2020
🚀 Learning
  • Deep-dive into biodiversity and olivine CO2 sequestration. 
  • Building a photonics explore module. 

🌍 Experiences
  • Windsor, Ontario 
⚡ Projects
  • Photome Labs 
  • Secret project around the UN SDG goals.
  • Consulting for Kidogo.

This is a quote by one someone who I look up to greatly - Sylvia Earle 👑 (marine biologist, National Geographic explorer, and more). 

She's a huge advocate for the environment which is the focus of this quote. However, it can apply to anything. The future is in our hands and we can create it by taking action now! 🔑

Thanks for following along on my journey! Now go make some magic and think about how you can create the future. 😉

💜 Until next month :)

Futurist + Co-Founder of Photome Labs
Adara Hagman
Adara Hagman

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