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Micos Telcom - news in July

Dear friends,

Some interesting webinars have taken place in recent weeks. We dedicated the very first of them to our new FibeRoad system. We introduced its modularity, simplicity and versatility.

In other webinars we showed how to work with MDUs, FDHs and facade solutions products. We have now uploaded all of these webinars to our YouTube channel, so you can return to them at any time to watch them again.

We'll also be happy for you to subscribe to our channel.

Webinars Micos Telcom
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Our new catalog

We have already distributed more than 850 of our product catalogs 2020/2021. Stocks are getting thinner, so we are sending other pieces to print.

You can find more than 600 products on about one hundred pages. We supplemented each of them with pictures, descriptions, codes for order and for which solution it is suitable. In addition, some of them have links to YouTube.

We send the catalog together with the catalog of our parent company Preformed Line Products and instructions how to work with our new FibeRoad system and how to build an FTTx solution with our unique products.

If you don't have the catalog yet, order it now. Just tell us your address and we will take care of the rest.

Micos Telcom catalog
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The product of the month

MUC 320 Micos Telcom
MUC Cube 320

The MUC Cube 320 is a purpose designed mini access box or boundary box, that will cater for low fibre count connections. The MUC Cube 320 is normally used to connect MDU’s or single use clients from network.

The key unique selling points of the product are

  • no tools required for assembly – press-on clips complete the assembly
  • depending on splitter configuration, up to 12 clients can be connected
  • the unit can be split between base or pan and chamber section to allow installation over existing networks
  • duct ports are sealed with rubber grommets allowing interface with Multi-Duct and/or MicroDuct, no foaming agent or additional sealants are required

You can combine the product with

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News in July

July began with a company-wide vacation. But we are still working on a lot of interesting things. Trade fairs are starting up again, so the news are mainly about them.

Micos Telcom MikroExpo 2020
MikroExpo 2020 in the Czech republic

In July, we got to our first fair after a long break caused by the global pandemic.

FTTH Council Europe
FTTH conference 2020 in Berlin

Together with PLP, we are preparing for one of the first big events in December in Berlin.

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Thank you for your careful and passionate reading of our regular bulletin. We will only be happy to stay in touch via one of the networks.

On behalf of Micos Telcom, I wish you successful days,

Karel Pospisilik, Marketing specialist

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