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How Often Should You Be Posting?

To pretend that there's one answer to this would be a little careless on our part. 

Some of you will know that folks like Brian Dean (from Backlinko) managed to get to one million uniques with only a few dozen, very thorough posts. Whereas, the strategy of Huffington Post (and the whole reason they're so open to guest posting) is to publish as much as humanly possible.

Apparently Huff Post publishes more than an article per minute on average. 

From all the research we've done and all the experience we have, it would seem the most important thing is to have some schedule or plan to demonstrate consistency to Google. 

If you're a team of one, then aiming to publish one new, quality article a week might be fine. Then, when you're comfortable with that, you might see if you can aim for two, or simply aim to publish one post and update another. 

If you do have a team (or you have the time/you're efficient), then you might want to aim for around three posts per week. 

The folks at Hubspot suggest that, for organic growth, you really want to post as much as possible, though not to the point of blogger burnout (which is a real thing, by the way).

At This Week in Blogging, our feeling is that you should post as much as you can while maintaining quality (and sanity). But to dive into this one more, we turned to the community to see where you stand.

Inside the Mainframe

We opened our ears, you filled them answers...

We know how much we should be posting. But how much are we posting?

In the poll that we ran in the This Week in Blogging Facebook Group, about 33% of people noted they post about once every two weeks, 66% of people noted that they post about once a week, and the remaining 33% said they post 3-5 times a week. 

Then, we turned to Twitter, and here were the findings.

Finally, I posted on LinkedIn, where, once again, over half of respondents noted that they post about once a week. 

In sum, most bloggers we polled are posting about once per week

We hope that's helpful in thinking about where you stand in your blogging journey. It's easy to compare in this industry and think that others are doing more/better, so let this serve as an honest benchmark. 

Is Google a Monopoly? (Spoiler: Yes)

Rank Math vs Yoast Revisited

A month or so back we published an article comparing Rank Math vs Yoast as an SEO plugin. In it, we mentioned that Jeremy was conducting a test to see if Rank Math would improve rankings with a set of articles.

As it turns out, the answer is no.

What we quickly found out was that many of Jeremy's articles that were ranking well already had Rank Math scores in the 70-80s and were hard to improve upon without being over-optimized. Those that needed the most improvement (scores in the 30s-50s) were also shooting above their weight class for the keywords they were targeting altogether such that the score improvement was not the limiting factor for how they rank.

While this was not the result we wanted to see from this test, we are encouraged by how well Rank Math is situated to help those who need to learn best SEO practices thanks to its 100-point scale for evaluating keyword usage. 

As such, we've updated our Rank Math vs Yoast guide a bit more and highly encourage you to check it out if you haven't yet!

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