Will New Year Festival be sold out again?

Connecting from within

Yes, outdoors it's getting darker and colder,

you are welcome to a space for going inwards,
exploring intimacy and closing the year in celebration
with lots of dancing, singing, cake and cosiness.

New Year Festival - Walking in Truth

How much can we let ourselves shine our full light? How would it be to breathe and live our truth? This event invites you to find your flow of life, dares you to walk in truth and honesty and to enjoy yourself doing it.

Join Sudha, Anthony Abbagnano, Tiger Singleton, Victor Forselius and many more. Let's celebrate and raise the energy naturally!

You can also join the festival as a volunteer.

After the festival, Anthony will hold The Alchemy of Breath, a 4-day breathing journey. Here he shares about his simple and powerful work.

Get your reduced price ticket until November 15

Coming courses & retreats

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom

Returning to an innocent, natural and sacred sexuality. With Åsa Kullberg.

November 8-11

Stora Medicinhjulet

Ett-årig utbildning i inka-shamansk tradition med praktiska helande övningar för att se världen med nya ögon. Med Victor Forselius 

November 13-18

The Zen Way of Coaching

A profound personal journey, and a coach training with a unique inner focus. With Kåre Landfald.

November 20-25
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Sexual Intelligence

A profound process to awaken spontaneity and sensuality, and connect sexuality and the heart. With Talib & Shubhaa.

Nov 29-Dec 2

Deep Union Couples Tantra

Communication, body awareness, dance, touch and tantric exercises. With Smrati Skoog.

December 6-9

Alchemy of Breath

Conscious breathwork - Change your world, from the inside out. With Anthony Abbagnano.

January 2-5
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In Video : Yes to Sustainability

We celebrated the European Day of Sustainable Communities for the first time on September 22, 2018.

A time to highlight and raise awareness about the dimensions of Sustainability: Ecology but also Social, Culture, Economy and Whole System Design.

Want to visit Ängsbacka?

Our cosy Café is open on Saturdays between 13.30-16.30.

Come and get a taste of Ängsbacka, with delicious cakes and hot drinks and visit the exhibition about Sustainability.

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