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Welcome to my July 2018 author update! As it's summer and many of you will be heading off on holidays or other adventures, I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask you the question What's the most interesting thing you're up to over summer? Just reply to this email with your answer, and I'll draw one of you out at random and send you any three of my books that you choose in paperback format :-)


If you're not taking part in the 'win 3 x paperbacks' competition or you just want to sort out your summer reading, you may like to know that I've just created a limited edition box set here. If you're stuck for something to get your teeth into and you need to load up your e-reader with a pile of thrillers, this 6-pack might help you out. That pack of books includes the entire Don't Tell Meg trilogy PLUS three of my standalone titles.

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I'm not writing over summer and my current first draft of So Many Lies is currently waiting for an edit. I'm using the summer break to take part in a couple of promotions. If you'd like to check out a selection of 43 crime, thriller, mystery and suspense novels, just click here. The great news is, with the new GDPR rules, you can just load up with books without having to subscribe to a heap of emailing lists.


Breaking new ground for authors ...

It's been an exciting week for me this week because I became the first ever author to list a sci-fi book on the blockchain. WHAT? you're probably asking yourself. If you haven't heard of it yet, you will soon. It's the technology which runs behind projects like Bitcoin and it will permeate many areas of our lives in years to come. But, in very simple terms, my book Phase 6 is now listed on a site called Publica. This won't change your life any time soon but for this futurist author, it's an exciting move to be able to offer my book for sale on the blockchain - it's the equivalent of listing something for sale on ebay in 1995 :-)

TV set

I've been watching some great TV recently, so I've got several recommendations for you this month. We've just finished watching the final season of Bates Motel, which was fabulous, a really strong prequel to the films. I'm enjoying Sharp Objects on TV too, it's by Gillian Flynn the author of Gone Girl. Finally, I have to mention season 4 of The Affair - which I love - and season 2 of This is Us which I'm now able to access for free in the UK. I particularly like both of those shows because of the innovative way they tell their stories - if you've read any of my books, you'll know that I like to play with timelines :-)

Runrig t-shirts

I said earlier in this email that I'm not doing any writing over the summer. Instead, I'm catching up on a lot of the marketing jobs that I should have been doing while I was having too much fun writing my stories. I will be enjoying some R&R over summer though. It's my mum's 80th in August and after that I'm really looking forward to seeing the last concert EVER by Scottish band Runrig who I discovered at a drunken Hogmanay in 1991 and have been following ever since. I also went to see Queen in Glasgow a few weeks ago - I first saw them with Freddie Mercury at the helm in - wait for it - 1982!

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This ends soons ...

This giveaway closes on Thursday, so you'll need to be fast if you want to help yourself to this selection of thrillers and mystery novels. This is the second of the giveaway promotions that I'm involved in, so you'll see one of my own books in there too. Click here to check it out.

Have a great summer break!

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