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Mission 43 is Here!

Send recovery wishes to a vet who served 20 years in the Navy ... and is still serving! 

Hello! I hope you all have been safe and well.  Usually I give a longer break during the summer months, but I have had many of you ask for more missions, since you're home. So here we go!!

Your Next Mission:

A few missions back, we sent out cards to the vets that Veteran's Last Patrol works with.  I recently learned that one of their volunteers could use some 'get well' messages from all of us. Here is what Veteran's Last Patrol founder, Claude Schmid shared with me about Art Allum:

One of Last Patrol's earliest volunteers, Art Allum, has been a rock and a gentleman. Art's a submariner who did 20 years in the Navy. He visits veterans in hospice to provide that end-of-life friendship we're all about. He's also gone the extra mile to help at least one track down an important personal record. Beyond that, Art has made food can goods deliveries to veterans unable to leave their homes, he's participated in numerous honor ceremonies, and has driven disabled, solitary veterans to medical appointments. (The last two have been over 100 miles away.)

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Art went in for emergency heart surgery. His recovery was touch and go for a week, but now he's roaring back. He's already cutting his grass. And this afternoon he says to me on the phone: "Let me know what I can do to help. I'm ready."

I highly doubt Mr. Allum would ever ask for praise or recognition - but that's all the more of a reason to flood his mailbox with continued prayers for his full recovery and gratitude for his service. He is a great example of selfless service by his continued commitment to serve and support his fellow veterans.

Send your cards on or before August 19th to:

Veteran's Last Patrol

attn: Art Allum

140B Venture Blvd.

Spartanburg, SC 29304

Watch our Livestream Show!

Phlash Phelps (Sirius XM 60's on 6) and I have been doing a Livestream Show on Thursdays at 7pm EDT.  We started it as a way to bring our followers together during the quarantine - but now it's taken on a life of its own. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

There are lots of laughs and meaningful moments. Watch live on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.  Below is our most recent show.

Janine Stange - National Anthem Girl
7:00 PM - Jul 16, 2020
Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm went phlying and crashed onto my floor, and then head first back into his living room. You really just have to watch to understand.

We picked the winners of the mug(s)! Congratulations to Debbie and Barbara!

We are raising money for Veteran Last Patrol and when we reach $1000 we are giving away that piece of Phlash's shirt that blew off and almost burned up! Here's the form: - make sure you write Livestream with Phalsh and Janine in the donation form comments so we can make sure your name is in the basket!
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Mission Feedback
Emails from people YOU have touched:

Mission 42 was for 3 different people. You did an amazing job. Hundreds of letters and emails came in for each person.

I heard back from the families of each mission recipient. I hope these confirm how important what you are doing is.  Here are the three notes:

Note 1: My Dad celebrated his 95th birthday in grand style, with almost 100 cards from our caring individuals on Janineโ€™s Team. He was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support for his service in WWII, and even received correspondence from families whose fathers served in Dadโ€™s same 10th Armored Division. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness in helping him celebrate his birthday in quarantine! - Sincerely, Wendy Smith Kubitskey (daughter of William Smith)

Note 2:
I just wanted to let you know, my mother's response to the latest emails. "Tell them, thank you all so very much the loving words of encouragement. God is so good and he loves his people! Tell Janine and all of them they are such beautiful Godly people." Every word of encouragement is "nourishing to the soul." At least I think that's how she put it. Thank you all for taking the time to encourage her. Steel sharpens steel, and she's absolutely correct... God does love his Children! Many blessings, Beau Wise (son of Mary Wise)

Note 3:
We received almost 100 emails and my wife who is staying with mom created a binder and care staff reads it to him! - Steve (son-in-law of Grampy Jack)

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