Can you believe there are only two episodes left of My Two Husbands? That's right! Which means that after reading this week's episode you will get to tell me who you, I mean, Natalie loves the most. Is it Jake? Is it Kyle?

Are you feeling torn? I know I am.

I have NO IDEA but I am shaking with anticipation to find out. I promise this vote will be final. Natalie and one of her husbands will have a very happy ending. 

Before I leave you to read this episode, I wanted to let you know that the long-awaited Bedside Manor will be out next month. And I'll be sharing the cover with you next week!

If you've missed any episodes, you can get them all here:

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If you don't remember what happened in episode 12, here's a quick recap (WARNING! Spoilers from Ep. 12!!):

Natalie's threesome dream was amazing but she's still getting sick. When the cruise ship doctor suggests she might be pregnant, she confesses the kiss with Jake to Kyle while they wait for the results. Is she pregnant with Kyle's baby? Is the kiss with Jake the last straw for Kyle? 

Back in the past . . .

Things have gotten weird with Kyle, and they've also gotten worse with Jake. When Jake spends more time "working" than at home, Natalie's had enough. Of course, we know that Kyle will come to the rescue but how does it all shake out? Find out now on My Two Husbands- Episode Thirteen!

Episode Thirteen


“You were right, you’re not pregnant,” the nurse says finally.

I breathe a sigh of relief then look to my husband. There isn’t a glimmer of relief or even disappointment on his face at all. He just glares at me, even more than he did the night I accidentally said Jake’s name.

“Well, I guess that settles that,” he says and turns for the door.  

I hop off the examination table and rush after him. “Wait, where are you going?”

The nurse calls a similar plea behind us.

Kyle says nothing nor does he look back. Instead, he picks up speed and marches around the corner.  

“Kyle, wait!” The more I gain on his heels the quicker he moves for the stairs. It’s like he’s literally slipping away from me. And, and . . . I don’t want that. “Kyle, please just talk to me!”

As soon as we make it to the top of the stairs, he walks out the automatic doors toward the deck, not far from where my crime took place. I had to tell him, right? What kind of person would I be if I kept something like that from him, even if I knew it would break his heart?

I wish I could scream out that it was just a kiss and it didn’t mean anything. But I’m not totally sure that it didn’t. Clearly, there’s a part of me that still has feelings for my ex-husband, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Kyle or want to be with him. Why can’t I feel the way I feel without hurting anyone, including myself?

I manage to get outside expecting a wild breeze but instead, the air is still and sticky with heat. It almost takes my breath away. Rushing up alongside the rails, I catch him and grab his arm. “Kyle, please stop.”

He finally relents. “Natalie, I can’t talk to you right now.”

“Well, you have to talk to me because I’m right here and I’m your wife. And I’m sorry that I hurt you. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten remarried so soon.”

“So now you regret marrying me?” His voice nearly cracks.

“No, what I mean is I didn’t really give myself time after my divorce. I just brought you into the fold, then we brought Jake back in too.”

He shifts his eyes and spins his wedding band around his finger like he’s about to take it off and toss it overboard. “I feel like he’s always going to be the third wheel in our relationship.”

I lower my head. Right now, I feel like that too.

“You son-of-a-bitch,” Kyle growls between grit teeth and I look up. He’s glaring over my shoulder and marches forward.

I whip around, following my husband with my eyes. And there he is, my ex-husband, squinting in the sunlight as he walks the deck with a paper coffee cup in hand.

 Kyle puffs up his chest and balls his fists. “Hey, Jake!”

Oh no.

Jake looks up, his expression shifting from easy breezy to it’s go-time. Kyle plants his back foot and takes a swing but Jake dodges it still holding onto his coffee.

I gasp, slapping my hand over my mouth.

Oh, shit!

“What are you doing?” Jake yells.

“What are you doing kissing my wife?” Kyle charges into him like a ballsy bull and slams Jake into the rails. The coffee cup flies out of his hand and over the edge.  

“Stop it!” I scream with hot tears in my eyes but my words do nothing, only plummet over the rail to the bottom of the ocean. 

“She was my wife first!” Jake barks, red-faced, and shoves Kyle off.

“She was my date first. You stole her from me!” Kyle doesn’t miss a beat and goes for him again.

“Help!” I shriek, both hoping to distract them and get someone stronger than these two knuckleheads over here fast.

 “I saw her first!” Jake’s muscles swell in his T-shirt sleeves. With a grunt, he pushes Kyle so hard that my husband stumbles back about eight feet.

The pounding of hard steps hits the rubber deck floor as a security guard jets over. “Hey, hey!” he calls out extending his arm but he’s not fast enough.

Kyle’s eyes turn dark and he lets out a warrior’s roar then charges toward Jake and pins him against the railing so hard that Jake loses his balance and topples over the railing pulling Kyle with him.

“No!” I rush to the edge, my heart sinking faster than they do. The security guard’s shoulder knocks into mine as we watch my two husbands hit the water. I suck in an exacerbated breath and hold it tight.

“Oh, shit!” the guard says. “We’ve got two men overboard the port side!” A static-sounding voice echoes something back through his radio.

Their heads pop up out of the water and I gasp for air. “Kyle, Jake! Are you okay?” I call but my voice is strained. Thank God we’re at port. The security guard makes another frazzled plea on his radio. By now, a couple dozen passengers are out on the deck, staring over the rails at my two idiots. I think we’ve officially hit rock bottom.

“I have to get down there. How do I get down there?” I ask the guard, panting.

Sweat beads along his brow as he gazes down at the scene. “I don’t recommend the way they went.”

“No, I know. Those are my husbands.”

He looks at me with a judgment-filled grimace.

I shake my head. “I mean, one is my husband the other is my ex.” Then I grab him by the collar of his dark polo shirt. “Are you gonna help me get to them or not?”

His eyes widen as if I’m threatening to chuck him over too. “Yes, just relax.”

“I can’t relax! I kissed my ex last night and told my husband about it today while we waited for the results of a pregnancy test, and now they’ve just thrown each other over the edge of a cruise ship! Why don’t you relax and take me to them now!”

He holds up his arms in surrender. “Okay, okay, I’ll take you.”

“Thank you.” I release his collar then we head back inside and over to a secured elevator. My leg fidgets as we ride down, deck by deck, to the gangway. The sound of static reports being traded over the radio fills the six by six cab.

“This way, he says and we exit into a white concrete hallway towards an opening. The dock is in sight and we hurry down the ramp. The closer I get to dry land, the more my two daredevils come into view. They’re standing side-by-side. Doesn’t look like any broken limbs or cracked skulls. Jake turns around revealing his wrists banded together in handcuffs.


I narrow my eyes. Kyle’s hands seem to be tucked behind too.

Uh oh. Could this get any worse?

“Are they being arrested?” I ask the guard who’s now trailing behind me.

“It’s very possible,” he says.

Seawater drips from their hair to their soaked shirts clinging to their bodies and it’s very clear that yes, they’re being arrested.

I approach them partly relieved and partly livid. What do you think? Should I embrace or kill them? “Have you two lost your damn minds!”

“Hey, he started it.” Jake stands tall and nods toward Kyle.

Kyle rolls his eyes, his cheeks sun-burned red.

“Why are they being arrested?” I ask the Bahamian police officer standing nearby.

“They’re pressing charges,” he says in a thick island accent.  

“Against each other?” I gape, blinking at Kyle and Jake.

The officer nods.

“No!” I stomp my foot and everyone stares at me. “This stops right now! I am so sick of this prideful bullshit. From all of us!” I look to Kyle who doesn’t seem at all happy to see me. “I know I didn’t act like it last night but I am your wife!” Then I look at Jake. “And you! I am your ex-wife.”

Now I have not only my two husbands’ attention but it appears I have everyone’s. I fold my arms and shift my jaw. “We’re not twenty anymore. After everything the three of us have been through over the years, don’t you think we all ought to grow the hell up?” And the moment the words come out of my mouth, I realize that I’m mostly talking to myself. It’s time I take responsibility for my part in this. If I had faced this the right way to begin with then maybe my two husbands wouldn’t be standing on a dock in the Bahamas in handcuffs after falling overboard into the Caribbean.

 “You’re right,” Jake offers. “It’s time we own up to the truth of how we really feel and move on with our lives.” My chest becomes tight at his words and he continues. “I love you, Quinn. And I don’t care if it’s right or wrong. I know I fucked everything up a million times over, but I was trying to do the right thing.” He may have tried to do the right thing but he did it the wrong way. And that’s exactly what I’ve done too.

Jake takes a step closer and looks into my eyes. “If you really believe that you’re done with me, then be done with me. I’ll leave you alone, I promise. But we both know it isn’t over between us.”

“You know what, Natalie?” Kyle steps closer than Jake. “I love you too and I know that I can make you happy. But you have to let him go. I can’t keep fighting for us if you won’t fight for us too.”



I don’t move from the floor. My assistant came in to check on me every thirty minutes to offer water and coffee like I was a customer. But I refused her offers asking her to just let me be. It’s humiliating—the entire situation. And now I’m crying on the floor in front of my new assistant. Just another aspect of my life that Jake’s messed up.

It’s all gone. Not just the material things but all of it. The Jake I knew and fell in love with is gone. I think back to the day at the new construction listing. The way I felt when he took his shirt off and the way he kissed me with wet lips in the pool. It was exhilarating. And that’s what I loved about being with Jake. We were always on some kind of adventure—an adventure that led us to love, a home, a family.

Then I think about the babies that we lost and how I thought that was the worst thing that could ever happen to us. I guess that was just the beginning of the end. Maybe if I hadn’t given up so easily on trying for another baby. If I had kept that possibility alive would Jake have gone off the deep end? Then again, he’s clearly susceptible to addiction. I’m sure it would have come out eventually anyway. 

How could I not have known? He was supposed to be my soul mate. The one who would find my future fine lines and wrinkles charming. How could I have believed him on our wedding day when he promised to be loving, loyal . . . then I remember the last line, above all things, fun. Yes, he definitely put drinking and gambling above everything else. I’m sure he had a blast too.

Hours and memories later, I peel myself off the floor and leave the office. Out in the parking lot, the shining sun and fresh air do little to ease my pain. It takes me about five seconds before I remember that I have no way of getting home—not that there’s much of one to get back to.

My husband took that away from me.

I reach in my purse for my phone. My fingers shake as I dial Kyle. He picks up almost immediately.

“Hey, where are you?” he answers.

“I’m standing in my office parking lot.”

“Me too.”

Huh? I peer around and we spot each other from across a row of sunbaked cars. He smiles and waves but I can’t offer the same greeting. Seeing him just reminds me of the reality all over again and I begin to sob for what seems like the millionth time this afternoon. He hurries over and wraps me in his arms. He has to know. Why else would he be here? My forehead rests on his starched blue shirt and I let my tears dampen the fine fabric.

“I’m so sorry, Natalie,” he says softly.

“You know about Jake?” I ask, breathing in a sob.

“Yeah, he called me a couple hours ago.”

I look up into Kyle’s eyes, gripping onto his arms. “He did?”

“He told me everything.” He sucks in a long breath. “Natalie, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know he was that far gone.”

“Neither did I.” I can’t blame Kyle for not knowing. I lived with the guy and I still didn’t realize it.

“I tried to offer him some help but he doesn’t want it.”

“Do you know where he is?” I ask.

“I don’t know.” Kyle shakes his head. “C’mon. I’ll take you home.”


Stepping through my front door is like walking into a tidal wave. It just destroys me all over again. The house is eerily quiet and I know that Jake’s not home. I almost wish he were so I could kick and scream and whine and wail. I want him to feel just how badly he’s hurt me. I wish he would just give me that because I feel like I have nothing.

Then the sound of Lily’s nails clack on the floor. She appears from down the hallway and comes my way. Her sweet little eyes look as sad as mine. I kneel down and wrap my arms around her soft, chocolate-brown neck. At least I still have her.

“Can I get you something to eat?” Kyle asks still standing by the door.

“No, but I could use a drink,” I say and walk over to the liquor cabinet in the kitchen. When I open it, there’s nothing left but a couple of nearly empty bottles. How messed up would it be to soothe my pain with the same substance that caused it?

No, never mind.

Kyle keeps his distance watching me. “Maybe I can make you some tea instead.”

I close the cabinet and look at him. “Why are you here, Kyle? For the past few months, you’ve hardly said anything to me.”

He steps cautiously closer. “I know. I’m sorry. I thought it would be best to back off after what happened with Jake. I didn’t want to come between you two.”

I nod. That’s probably for the best. There’s no point in making a bad situation worse. “Listen, I really appreciate all of your support when Jake was in Vegas and coming to my aid today. But Jake and I are done. You’re his best friend. You should be there for him. So . . .”

“So what are you saying?” he asks, confused.

“I’m saying that I shouldn’t be leaning on you.”

“Okay.” He nods slowly and I’m sure he’ll be turning to leave any second. But he doesn’t. “I understand where you’re coming from. If you want me to leave and not come back then I will. But I’d hate myself if I didn’t at least try to be here for you.”

Sometimes you just know when someone has feelings for you. Kyle may or may not be honest with himself, but I need to speak the truth.

My pulse quickens when I look him in the eye. “Kyle, you know nothing could ever happen between us, right?”

His expression eases along with his shoulders. “Natalie, let me just be your friend.”

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