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Fae MisFortunes is scheduled for release on February 29, 2020. 
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Teaser from Sid & Sin #2 - Fae Mis-Fortunes

Belle Cove, 1883

Lissa hid behind the woven sacks stuffed full of herbs. Her cloak hood was pulled up over her hair and wrapped around her body, the dark wool helping her to blend into the shadows. She could hear the men searching the outbuildings and the storage barns, but this was her home. She knew how to hide well. Papa was out in the fields and Ma had sent her to hide before she had run to get Papa.

The strangers were growing angry. She could hear their voices and the crack of a crate tossed to the ground. The overwhelming scent of crushed sage filled the room from the broken crate that had been packed with bottles of infusion oils.

Lissa buried her head in her arms and hugged her knees tight. She hoped and prayed that Ma could find Papa and come back soon.

It wasn’t soon enough.

A hand wrapped around her upper arm and yanked her to her feet.

“Found the girl,” the man called out.

Lissa screamed and struggled, but her long skirts tangled around her legs and her soft leather shoes did no damage to the man as he wound an arm around her waist and carried her like a small animal.

“Papa! Mama! Help!” Lissa screamed and the man who carried her didn’t hesitate in his strides. He joined two other men near a wagon. One pulled down the back and Lissa saw three others tied up and lying in the back of it. They were all children, two older and one younger than she. She knew them from the town. All but one of the older ones cried, but there were gags in their mouths.

The man grabbed her from under his arm and thumped her butt down on the end of the wagon. One of the other men handed him some rope and he pulled both of her wrists into one hand and started to tie them together. Fear choked her throat and Lissa whimpered as her whole body shivered.

She could smell the tobacco, body odor, and grease soaked into the man’s clothes. The smell, combined with the fear, made her vomit all over his front. He jumped back and pulled a rag out of his pocket, wiping at his front. “Disgusting little animal,” he snarled and lifted his hand to strike her. Lissa cringed, but it was the man in front of her who looked surprised as he dropped to his knees, then fell forward, an arrow sunk in the back of his throat.

Behind him, Lissa saw her parents, her father with a sword and her mother with a bow and quiver. One of the other two men had run into the woods. The remaining man knelt on the ground, fingers clutching his bloody arm.

Lissa’s mother slung the bow over her shoulder and ran toward the wagon. She wrapped Lissa up in a hug and kissed her head, then stilled as she saw the other children.

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Induction: Sid & Sin #1

They weren't supposed to exist.
Sidonie & Sinclair Boudreau were the offspring of a witch and a shifter. Such pairings usually resulted in death. Sid & Sin had not only survived, but thrived, and managed to sidestep the family legacy of supernatural policing.
The disappearance of their parents changed everything. A cryptic message, an ancient prophecy, and a mystery to uncover in order to bring their parents home puts the twins in the crosshairs of an enemy they didn't know existed.
What would you do, to save those you loved?
Fans of paranormal mysteries will love this fast-paced, five star ride!

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