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I'd like to hear from people planning to experiment with remote work and slow travel in 2021.

Maybe you’ve lived as a digital nomad before, or perhaps you’re considering it for the first time now that your job is remote. Either way, I'd love to chat, so hit reply.


🎧 Will Millions of Remote Workers Become Location-Independent Now? (Building Remotely)

Five years ago, Pieter Levels predicted there'd be a billion digital nomads by 2035. All but a few of us thought he was crazy, but this year's events make his vision seem less far-fetched. In this podcast interview, Pieter talks about the future of remote work and what the world will look like as millions of people become location-independent in the years ahead.

🌍 Greece Lures the Work-From-Anywhere Crowd with Tax Breaks (Bloomberg)

The Greek government has moved beyond remote work visas and is now offering tax breaks for digital nomads. Remember that national schemes like Tulsa Remote in the US are already paying Americans a basic income to relocate too. The global battle for knowledge workers is heating up, and the financial incentives are arriving a lot faster than anticipated.

🎬 Developing 120-Year-Old Photos Found in a Time Capsule (Mathieu Stern)

Parisian photographer and digital maker Mathieu Stern develops film from 120 years ago in this mini-documentary (~6 mins). The cinematography is gorgeous, and the experiment's resulting images suggest that a key part of internet culture was already popular as far back as 1900. The message doesn't change, just the medium.

πŸ“© Asynchronous Communication: Sustainability Over Speed (Ness Labs)

Teams are still struggling with a remote work basic: asynchronous communication. The era of workplace presenteeism is over, and so is the "always switched on" mentality that leads to so much corporate burnout. Now, it's up to leaders and teams to master the art of using digital tools to create an effective distributed work culture. This article explores how.

πŸ“ What Should You Work On? (David Perell)

It takes more than money to keep people engaged. This short essay (~6 mins) questions what passes for ambition in modern American society and delves into the five buckets of work worth doing in the 21st century. TLDR: Fuck the soulless advertising business models. Smart people need to focus on solving real problems and building infrastructure instead.

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