June PAW This Month!

PAW Dog of the Month: Rosie


Rosie is a 2 year old, 60 lb, yellow Lab mix.  Rosie has become somewhat of a problem child for PAW.  Rosie has been adopted twice and returned to us both time because of food aggression.  Rosie is now in a foster home and the mystery is that they never see any food aggression from her.  We think the reason may be that she shares her foster home with three other dogs and at both failed adoptions she was the only dog in the house.  So now we are stipulating that Rosie must go into a home with at least one other dog.  We believe the other dogs keep Rosie from acting out.  That's our theory based on our foster experience with her. We also want someone with enough dog experience to know how to handle the food aggression problem if it still surfaces.  

Why take on a dog that may present problems?  Because aside from the food aggression issue (which she does not exhibit in her foster home), Rosie is a fabulous dog.  She is completely house trained, gets along very well with the other dogs, does not bark at much, does not chew things, rides well in the car, she knows her basic sit and come commands, and she is a sweetheart that loves attention. She pulls some when walking on a leash but is not reactive to other dogs she passes - a little training to curtail the pulling would be helpful.  

We are looking for just the right family that will finally land Rosie in that forever home where she will be happy and be able to show off all of her qualities and make everyone happy.  

Thank you for helping Rosie find her forever home!

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PAW Cat of the Month: Ham B. Urglar


Ham B. Urglar ("Burglar" to his foster dad) is a large, 3-year-old, gray-and-black shorthair tabby. Some cats are like a jalopy, cobbled together from spare parts. Burglar is more like a sports car, designed from head to tail with a smooth "blackboard tabby" pattern of grey swirls on black, with elegant double silver necklaces. The only spots of color are his two luminous orange eyes, framed by a gray mask, above a pink nose.

Burglar is not an aggressive cat; in fact, he's rather timid. But as an older ex-stray, he has boundaries. He likes being around people, lounges in a doorway nearby, rubs your leg and head-butts for food, and welcomes you with a mew halfway between a trill and a quack. He probably would not play well with small children who don't or can't follow his rules.

Burglar is a strong, active, curious kitty. His rear legs splay out comically, and he has a bumbling way of bounding along, knocking things over. He loves to sit at a window and track the outdoor action.  He doesn't mind being left by himself, and will settle down to snooze or gaze out the window. After a break-in period, Burglar now gets along well with his two foster brother cats. He joins in mutual grooming, play fighting, and their evening Olympics (dashing madly around the house and up and down the stairs).

All in all Burglar is a handsome, lovable, guy who’s ready to be a sociable companion to a patient, understanding cat lover.

Burglar is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and tested negative for FIV/FELV. To learn more about Ham B. Urgler, please contact Heather at cat-coordinator@paw-rescue.org  

Thank you for helping Ham B. Urgler find his forever home!

Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities!


An incredibly talented digital artist in Spain, who specializes in taking photos and turning them into beautiful art, has offered to donate paintings to PAW to raise money for our cause. Isn’t that wonderful?! These paintings could easily go for upwards of $100+, but we are offering each painting for $50! There are only 5 spots left to apply for a painting and benefit from this discounted price, of which all proceeds will benefit PAW. Just send a few photos of your furry friend (high resolution- no areas cut off please!) that you’d like painted to outreach@paw-rescue.org!

Thank you to Jan for offering her wonderful digital artistry to help support our mission of rescuing homeless dogs and cats and placing them in loving forever homes!

PAW 2021 Calendar Contest!

• Was your pet adopted?
• Do you have a cute picture of your pet that you would love to share with the world?
• Too much time on your hands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PAW has an offer for you. Our 2021 Photo Contest! With a lot of people home, we have decided to start a little early this year. We are inviting all adopters (even if you adopted from another rescue/shelter) to submit photos to be in our 2021 Photo Contest. Our Photo Contest is open to all adopted cats & dogs, however, to be eligible for the 2021 PAW Calendar, your cat or dog must have been adopted through PAW.

The website is open and ready to accept your photo. We will be awarding prizes for the top three pictures with the most votes. Please click below for all information (rules, prizes, etc.) about our contest. The contest will run until the beginning of September.

To keep the contest on everyone's mind, we will be running a few "mini" contests throughout the next few months.

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AmazonSmile Charity Lists: A New Way to Give Through Amazon Smile!

Giving to charity has never been easier. AmazonSmile Charity Lists is a new and meaningful way for you to donate items directly to charitable organizations. With Charity Lists, all charity accounts are verified so you can take the guesswork out of giving and donate worry-free!

Begin purchasing items for dogs and cats in need here clicking the button below.


How Maryland and Federal Employees Can Help PAW

Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): is a workplace charitable giving program that offers State Employees and eligible Retirees the opportunity to contribute to charities using the convenience of payroll deduction. Currently, more than 800 charities participate in the campaign, including PAW.  If you are a MD State employee or eligible retiree and would like to donate to PAW through the MCC, please go to:  https://mcc.maryland.gov/. Thank you!

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): About 85% of PAW expenses this year will be for veterinary care and boarding for our rescue animals. Our funding is entirely dependent on individual bequests, donations at fundraising events, the website, and the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC is the workplace charitable donation vehicle for active and retired federal employees and contractors, and represents more than 22,000 charities. We receive about 20% of our income through CFC, a 50% decline over recent years. Donations to all CFC charities are down and this year's fundraising atmosphere will be particularly challenging. If we are to continue to rescue, heal, and place animals at our current pace, we need to raise significantly more CFC funds. If you are an active or retired federal employee and would like to donate through CFC, please be sure to speak with your agency CFC coordinator. You can also ask your CFC coordinator to get us an invitation to their charity fair!  CFC events occur primarily between early October and mid-November on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in helping at one of the fairs, please contact Martha at marthaoppenheim1@gmail.com. You do not need to be a federal employee or retiree to help at the fairs. We really appreciate your help! 

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Do you have a birthday coming up? As you may know, Facebook allows you to campaign for the nonprofit of your choice for your birthday. We'd love it if you would campaign for PAW! Need help getting started? Click the button below for step-by-step directions. Thank you for your generosity, and Happy Birthday!

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Bread Ingestion in Pets on the Rise

From our friends at the ASPCA...

Bread baking has quickly become a popular hobby. With the rise in people baking their own bread, there has also been an increase in bread-related pet consumption calls to the ASPCA Poison Control Center. Learn why bread dough consumption is so dangerous for both dogs and cats, and what to do if dough is ingested.

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