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April 2020 Newsletter

They say Shakespeare produced the best of his work during the Plague, Newton produced countless theories in isolation. So for the next 90 days, the entire Blue Sky Analytics will WFH, focussing our workflow on research, development, and deployment.  

One year ago, when we started on our journey towards Blue Sky if you would have talked about single-digit air quality in Delhi in April. We'd have joked at you. Voila, a blessing in disguise from the COVID crisis, we are all now aware of new possibilities of Clean Air in India. Read more 

Daily news

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus

Downstream Space Economy

Read the Comprehensive Study of Downstream Space Economy and its scope in Climate Action 

TimeScaleDB <> BSA Success Story

Check how BSA uses TimeScale DB to analyze large volumes of temporal and spatial Sat Data 

Download Market Study

In your bored time working from home, I highly recommend you watch this podcast to get a glimpse of the climate crisis yet to come in this decade. If you think COVID crisis is bad, wait till the real villain of Climate Change 😜

Check Intro to handing and managing Geospatial Data files on the webinar by our esteemed Data Scientist Saheel Ahmed. 

On that note of a scary start of the new decade
Stay Home & Keep Washing Hands

May we all stay safe and healthy and
See you on the other side of this pandemic tunnel 

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