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How to use disposable formworks in cascades?

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In this week's #StayHome bulletin we would like to explain to you in detail how disposable formworks can be used in cascades. This is a highly technical issue, but we believe it also contains very valuable information about the system in general and its uses.


Normally, the legs of the ABS Plus Disposable Formwork system can be cut at any desired height and an inclination up to 10% can be constructed very easily.


Yet, in some cases, it may be necessary to use the disposable formworks in cascades.

The most common case is when the slope angle is higher than 10%. In this case, the domes have to be installed horizontally, or at a maximum 10% angle, so that the concrete to be poured on the disposable formworks does not flow. The only solution to construct a cascaded disposable formwork system is to make a step by cutting half of the leg vertically. 

If you look carefully at this photo, you will see that there is both different levels and a slope on each of them. One of the most extreme applications we have ever encountered.

As you can see here, the legs that will carry the domes must be cut vertically in half.

After the domes are placed in cascades, the arches under the domes must be closed. As you can see in the photo below, we used 10 mm OSB in this application and screwed the OSBs into the domes. If wooden material is not desired to remain in the concrete, 10 mm plastic plywood can also be used. Before placing the OSBs, the edges of the domes that the OSB will rest on must also be cut. Also, the use of screws is a must in this application.

The most important trick is, of course, concrete pouring; without exception, first it is necessary to fill the legs, then to make the slope from bottom to top in a balanced way, and finally, the topping concrete that will come over the domes must be poured. The pouring has to be very slow paced, waiting for the concrete to plasticize between different stages so that the structure stays stable.

Another case that requires a cascaded disposable formwork application is when two different heights connected at right angles must be poured at the same time.

As you can see in the photo below, in another project, two different surfaces were needed within the same reinforced concrete raised floor; we can call this a sunken slab on a raised floor with disposable formwork.

In this application, we have again assembled the domes cascaded by cutting the legs.

The concrete casting was done in accordance with the different levels and after casting, the wooden boards remaining in the concrete were cut and removed.

However, we would like to point your attention to an issue; in this application, the concrete on the lower floor covered the gap under the arch of the higher floor, so concrete pouring was possible at one time. Where this is not possible, a two-stage concrete pouring may be required. In other words, it may be necessary to make the lower floor first and then make a wooden parapet formwork that will close the side of the higher floor.


Now we want to talk about another different application; theater, conference hall, or amphitheater construction. As we explained above, in these types of structures it is possible to make the levels by cutting the leg in half vertically. But, as you will see in the sample project below, the different levels can also be constructed by separating the levels with concrete parapets or load-bearing brick walls. This separation may save you considerable formwork labor costs.

Project CAD
Project PDF

Finally, we would like to mention a simple method that can be applied during concrete casting; step construction. In this application, a simple wooden formwork was placed on the slab steel and concrete was casted accordingly. At the end, the steps were constructed very easily.

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