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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree autumn river

As we move into November, the days are getting shorter here in Scotland. But even though the sun now sets around 4 PM each afternoon, there is still a great deal of ministry happening here.

This month marks the two-year anniversary of Lisa and I arriving in Scotland. Looking back across these two years, it is truly amazing to see how much God has accomplished in such a short time.

Here are just some of the things God has done, in large part through the faithfulness of our NewCREEations ministry partners:

  • Found us a home
  • Fully furnished that home
  • Found a wonderful facility for the Bible College
  • Fully furnished that facility
  • Promoted 16 first year Bible College students
  • Graduated 1 third year Bible College student
  • Increased our enrollment to 30 students this year
  • Established connections with churches throughout Scotland

The list goes on and on. God is changing lives!

Lisa, Chris, and his Mom

Family Time

Lisa and I had a special treat last month. My mom was able to visit us here in Scotland for a week. Not only was it her first time in Scotland, but it was also her first time this side of the Atlantic ocean.

She was very keen to see some castles and dig into the local history. Lisa and I were able to carve out a little down time to show her around. Mom especially appreciated seeing Edinburgh Castle, along with the crown jewels, and the Stone of Destiny.

Mom kept commenting on how green everything is here, even though we are deep into autumn. With her biology teacher background, she loved seeing the all the sheep and cattle, along with the large diversity of plant life we have. That, and she found the narrow roads a bit intimidating, even though we did all the driving for her.

It was a huge blessing for Lisa and I to be able to show mom a first hand glimpse into our lives here.

UK Ministers Conference

John & Susan Donnelly

Just before Mom arrived, Lisa and I were down in England for the UK ministers conference hosted by Andrew Wommack. It was a packed few days for the two of us.

In addition to attending the powerful ministry sessions taught by Andrew Wommack and Bob Yandian, we were able to connect with classmates and good friends from our days in Charis Colorado. Plus we met many new folks too.

Meal time was our time to connect with folks. Bryan Nutman was there. He along with his wife Sue are two of our closest friends from our own student days in Colorado. Bryan is also on the board of directors for NewCREEations. So we were able to talk a little business too!

Vesa Seppälä came to the ministers conference from Finland. Vesa and his wife Maria were classmates of ours. They lived in an adjacent apartment in our second year as students. It was the first time we saw Vesa in person since graduation more than 5 years ago. We will be leading a student mission team from Charis Dumfries to Finland where Vesa and Maria pastor a small church this Spring.

We also connected with our good friends Mick & Linda Entwistle. They were on the mission field in Mexico for two years after they graduated from Charis Colorado. Now they are back here in the UK, seeking God’s next steps for their life and ministry.

Meeting with Andrew Wommack

Second year classroom

Lisa and I were asked to make a presentation about Charis Dumfries to the board of directors for Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe, which is the ministry organization that oversees what we do in the Bible College. It is also the organization that sponsors our visas, allowing us to work here in the Bible college.

We were told we had 10 minutes, which is not much time at all considering how much God has done over the past two years establishing Charis Dumfries. But then Andrew and Jamie Wommack had lots of questions for us after I presented. They stretched my 10 minutes to a half an hour!

Andrew’s very first question highlighted to me both the favor God continues to give us, and the excellence of the team God has brought around Lisa and I. 

Andrew asked if we knew how the students were hearing about us. It so happened that James Joseph on our staff put together a survey for our students and collected it the Saturday before we headed down to England. So I was able to give real data to answer that question instead of guessing!

It was an encouraging meeting for Lisa and I because Andrew Wommack is very well pleased with what all is happening in Charis Dumfries at the moment.

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

Sam Entwistle with Chris and Lisa

The day after my Mom flew out of Glasgow, I gave the message at Glen Aros Church, which is our home church. Our pastors, John & Susan Donnelly, went to Colorado to teach in the main Charis campus there. Plus they were able to be in Colorado for the dedication ceremony of the new building complex the ministry has just completed for the college there.

Then in the Charis Dumfries college, we have been given approval from our main headquarters in Colorado to develop two new courses to teach to our students this year.

Andrew Sharp is teaching a course he calls Revival or Riot. He’s going through the book of Acts and showing how whenever the gospel was preached it triggered either a riot, or revival, or both.

I’m teaching through a new course I’m developing that highlights the single biggest revelation I received from my time as a student in Charis. I call the course Identity Crisis: Beggars Who Are Already Royalty. Here are the lesson titles:

  • How We Determine Identity
  • You Are Forgiven
  • You Are Reborn
  • You Are Exempt from the Curses and Entitled to the Blessings
  • You Are Grafted into the Family of God
  • You Are Powerful and Unique
  • You Are an Ambassador of the Kingdom
  • You Are an Heir to the Whole Estate

The Months Ahead

Charis Dumfries students waving

Our term break for the first term of the school year is already behind us. And there are many things ahead of us as we head into the holiday season. 

Lisa and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with some of our American friends, even though it is not a holiday here in Scotland. 

Meanwhile our students are moving forward through the curriculum. We are working with our second year students on their preparations for their mission trips. As I mentioned above, we will have a team heading out to Finland. Our other team will be heading up to the North of Scotland and the Western Isles. 

The last Saturday I was teaching our first year students about the promises of God in my Rejecting Mammon course. In the middle of the lesson on of the students got a sudden, surprised look on her face. I asked if everything was OK and she said, “the penny just dropped!”

I actually saw the moment she received revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit about what He was teaching through me!

Lives are being impacted for the Kingdom of God through our work with NewCREEations!

Making a Difference Together

Chris & Lisa Cree

NewCREEations is making a difference together with the support of our ministry partners. Here’s a note that one of our ministry partners sent us this past month.

“Just finished reading your most recent newsletter again! It blesses my heart to hear what you are doing in Scotland. The Daily Reflections are a blessing as well! I sincerely appreciate your ministry and continue to pray for you both.”

We are preparing our second-year students so they will be trained up and ready to go on mission trips in the spring. As I mentioned above, we will lead one team to the Highlands/Isle of Lewis in Scotland in March, and another team to Finland in April. For both Lisa and I to go on these two trips with our students it will cost us just over $4000.00.

This is excellent ground to plant your year-end seed into. Lisa and I invite you to join us in working to see lives transform into the image of Christ. To help fund our mission trips you may donate via our secure website by clicking on the blue button below or, if you prefer, by mailing a check to the address below.


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Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. We can only be here because of the support we receive from people like you. It is a responsibility Lisa and I take very seriously.


Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

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