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happy new year!
one of my new year's resolutions is to listen to myself more. to try to pay attention to the voices inside me. and this morning, on my walk, something inside me nudged me to send a newsletter today and connect.
and so i thought i would!

i wanted to offer a thought for those who are grieving right now. 

i wanted to give you an update on my husband as so many of you have been kind enough to check in and ask about him.

  and! i wanted to share a thought i had that i wanted to incorporate into my new year's intentions. maybe you'll like it as well.

and then i wanted to top it all off with this goofy love tree card i have to get you all in the mood for love month comin' up! i know it's early, but we're talkin' LOVE month, so i had to pop something in! just bear with me. 


for those who are grieving...

it's a hard time of year to be grieving. well, all times of year are, aren't they? wanted to offer this with love and a wish for some moments of peace.

shhh! don't tell bob i'm updating you on him! ahem. he'd prolly get a little shy. but so many of you have kindly checked in and asked me how he was, i wanted to fill you in. 'specially now that the news is good! 
back at thanksgiving time i was feeling pretty darn discouraged about his back issues. my gosh, it's been a long haul. i can't say we're definitely outta the woods yet, but things are really really looking up! and we're both hopeful that with a lotta effort, and real attention to doin' all the healthy things he can do, he'll be in good shape before too long!
the severe pain is gone. the dark cloud has lifted. and hope has returned! i am thrilled to tell you that.

at the same time, i know that's not the case for a lotta people. and i realize how lucky we are. and i realize that life is full of cycles. i think both bob and i really see this and want to grab the good while we can. 

for any of you in the midst of chronic pain and/or debilitating illness, i want you to know i have a little more understanding now of what that entails and i just wish i could make some of it disappear for you. i am so sorry you are going thru this. i'll be lighting a candle in the mornings just kinda holding you in my thoughts. i wanted you to know. no one should feel all alone as they travel this stuff. you will definitely be in my heart.  thank you for holding us in yours. 

a cool new year's intention

i wrote this ages ago. but when i saw it right around the new year, i was so struck with how it makes a really good new year's intention. i wrote it down and put it at my desk here. wanted to share it with you in case it resonated as well.

and just some silly love...

i know. i know. some of you still have your christmas trees up! don't start talkin' about valentine's day, terri! i know. i know.  can't help it! this card below (that's the front cover and the inside you see there) makes me laugh! and i wanted to pop it out here to just get your little hearts thinking about love month ahead. don't forget bone sigh arts for your valentines. for those you love AND for your SELF as well!

i really enjoy goin' from a season of light in the darkness to looking forward to a month of love! and this month between? it's my youngest son's birth month! so i just keep on celebrating! here's to love and celebrations!

if i were a tree, oh what a tree i'd be.
i'd be a tree with a knobby knee
(or two) and i'd walk up close
and drop hearts on you.

consider yourself covered in love!

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