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Hello to all of my lovely readers!

I can hardly believe it is September already! We just finished what we call our Labour Day long weekend here in Canada, and it is back to work and school for those with older kiddos. September always seems to mean back to routine, which is a blessing for many. For us, there is little change, as my son is only two and my husband is also self-employed, and I am perfectly ok with that.

As for what else I have been up to … it looks like I will be able to release my next book the last week of September instead of my initially planned first week of October! I have been pushing hard to ramp things up so that my Christmas novel is available in early November, so stay tuned.

We haven’t talked much about my next book. I am pleased to share with you the title -- Because the Earl Loved Me. It will feature two characters you know and love -- Lord Merryweather, who has had a few cameo appearances in the Happily Ever After series, and Anne, the sister of Alastair Finchley, Duke of Breckenridge, whose story you read in He’s a Duke, But I Love Him.

I hope you are still enjoying our historical fun facts! This week is all about ladies’ undergarments. Check out the photo above. :)

The first layer was a shift or chemise -- basically a white linen garment.  Then came the stays or corset, which were slightly less uncomfortable than the full corset worn in other eras. Next we have the petticoat. In the Regency era, not a lot of volume was required, so usually only one was required. Garters held up cotton or silk stockings, and during the day, a chemisette or tucker filled in the bodice area. I can hardly imagine wearing so much material, especially in summer!

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Weekly Reads


Mending the Duke

By Rose Pearson

Lord John Royston knows about loss.

Although he was one of the richest men in the country, even all the money in the world couldn’t save his wife and first child from passing.

Even a year later, the effects of tragedy linger through the halls and empty rooms of his estate.
Wealth, though, brings an opportunity for special remedies, and out of desperation, Lord Royston’s sister arranges for a special guest from an orphanage to hopefully bring light and laughter into the Duke’s life once again for a short time.

If only the Duke was more receptive to the possibility of joy still.

Now Laura Smith finds herself chaperoning Eloise, a delightful young orphan from the house she herself was raised, for a temporary visit to the opulent but mirthless estate of Lord Royston.

As it turns out, maybe Eloise is not the only person the Duke might need to heal.

No stranger to loss herself, Laura might be the only person who can mend the Duke and help him discover love and laughter once again. 

Welcome to the world of the Smithfield Market in Regency Era London, a new standalone series by Rose Pearson.

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Lavinia and the Laird

By Samantha Holt

“I’m not certain any man could ever tame those appalling Chadwick girls. Even if that one daughter does marry, it would take a brave man to suffer the rest of the family.” – Lady Worthington, Marchioness of Langbury

Miss Lavinia Chadwick--the only non-bluestocking in her family--is destined to marry well. 

At least according to her mother. 

She will definitely not marry a Scotsman. 

According to her mother. 

With the season around the corner, Mama is determined that Lavinia shall finally find her duke. Or her earl. Even a marquess would do.

But, first, Lavinia must do her duty and help entertain a famous author visiting their sleepy village. With the help of her sisters, she’s been tasked with ensuring his stay goes perfectly. Unfortunately, her sisters are more of a hindrance than a help. So is her attraction to the braw laird who has come specially to see his favorite author. 

However, her sisters are certain that this rough Scot is good for her and set about ensuring their clandestine budding relationship thrives. Of course, with sisters like her, she could just as easily end up ruined and disappointing her whole family. Can Lavinia find the courage to fight for what she really wants and survive her sisters’ meddling?

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By Laurel Black

We walked through the seemingly endless manor. Finally, we come to a dark corridor. He winked at me, then proceeded to lead me down the darkness.

A heavy silence settled between the two of us. With each step I took, the air got just a tiny bit colder. I look up, trying to make out his silhouette from within the darkness. It wasn’t long before I accidentally bumped into him. But before I could apologize, I caught a small, wooden door just in front of us. 

Dr. Monroe turned back. “Tell me,” he whispered silently, “are you afraid of anything?”

I was surprised by the question. When I felt him pull me closer, I narrowed my eyes. “No.”



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