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Show Up. Be Seen. Stand Out. Are You Game?

Hello again,

Welcome back to the first "Great Things" newsletter of the decade :)

This one's more personal than usual in that I'm sharing one of my own projects as the 'great thing' this week – I hope you'll indulge me!

The Latest & Greatest

I have owned the domain – – for well over a decade now. As some of you may know, in those days the project was, unexpectedly, a pretty big deal!

Throughout much of that time, I felt like I was clinging to its coat tails, hanging on for dear life and doing my best to enjoy the ride.

Some highlights included:

  • Having The Guardian send over a freelance photographer to Phuket to do a photoshoot for one of their features; if you know me, being in front of a camera ranks up there as one of my least favourite things to do, so having to do this in 30 degree heat on the rocks at one end of a Thai beach...possibly more of a lowlight 😬
  • Seeing what I wrote – either as a blog post, newsletter, ebook or online course – reach thousands of people. As an introvert, having this impact from behind the safety of my computer screen felt just about do-able 🙈
  • Seeing the likes of Dell and other big brands take notice of the location independent/digital nomad 'revolution' and want a piece of the action 💥

After moving my focus on to other things when my two kids were born, I've struggled ever since to really figure out a focus/direction for the website. I've swung between it being a community mostly for women, a remote working advocate, a diversity & inclusion venture and a few more in between. 

Nothing has felt quite right – and the most recent focus as a kind of remote work consultancy felt all wrong. It wasn't 'big' enough, it wasn't 'mission-based' enough, it wasn't really 'me'. 

But over the festive period, the project has crystallised and I've now put my stake in the ground. It's a combination of ALL of these things, with a heavy dose of inspiration from Lambda School.

You can see what my "Something Great" for the foreseeable future is going to be right here.

[Please note: The website isn't yet complete; this is still a work in progress and some of the links aren't working or pointing where they need to! In my perfectionist days I would NEVER have shared something at this imperfect, incomplete stage but that was then and this is now! I'd love to hear YOUR feedback 🙏🏽]

Show Up, Be Seen, Stand Out

As I shift my focus towards my 'Something Great' this year, I will be removing some of the ways I currently work on my own website. For now, though, here's how I can help:

  1. Strategic support to help you show up.
  2. Branding support to help you be seen.
  3. Website support to help you stand out. 

If I can help you do something great* in 2020, let me know (just hit 'reply') – I'd love to be on your team this year.

By the way, ‘great’ is relative; you don’t have to be building the next Amazon to be great…it could be creating an income/building a business that fits around your kids and family (in my experience, that’s pretty great!).

Happy 2020! Let's make this a good one...

Lea x

Lea Jovy

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