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November is an eventful month for fintech in this part of the world, as two financial centres Hong Kong and Singapore have housed thousands of speakers, delegates and enthusiasts to evangelise new ideas, exchange thoughts and explore synergies. 

The announcement of virtual assets regulatory framework definitely grabbed the limelight. Ashley Alders, CEO of SFC, delivered his keynote at the Hong Kong Fintech Week and said, " our rules are meant to be principles-based and technologically neutral. The challenge is how to apply consistent principles of investor protection and provide useful, detailed guidance on the use of innovative technology in such a fast-moving environment.”

In the position paper, SFC lays down an opt-in approach for virtual/ digital assets trading platform operators to undertake regulated activities for digital assets (i.e. STOs). The main constituents of the framework are (a) safe custody of assets, (b) know-your-client requirements, (c) anti-money laundering and (d) market manipulation.


The following exhibit summarises the details of the new framework:

Source: Herbert Smith Freehills APAC Fintech e-Bulletin

Hong Kong <> Singapore

The busy bees from around the world having gathered in Hong Kong and Singapore for these past 2 weeks have proved to be super productive.

It kicked off at the 2019 CUHK Conference on Financial Technology with the presence of the best co-authors pair in town Florian and Seen Meng (find their work under News and Views :)

Thanks to Cyberport, we had our first booth at the CVCF 2019.The quality crowd of angel investors and VC firms attending the forum was amazing and we have some follow-ups to do for our series A .

Coffees, impromptu conversations and meetings have kept our team buzzing around venues.

We shared the latest developments of our CrossPool marketplace-as-a-service with the audience at the Singapore Fintech Festival, Hong Kong Fintech Week together with our partners R3 and Hyperledger, and at the SC Ventures lab.

The talks created a lot of interests to keep Alex busier than ever; more news on partnerships coming shortly.

Christie's mixed reality

We participated to an interesting dialogue between art and tech.

The event, the first in Asia, was held in HK brought to us by Whub and Christie's Education. It was fantastic for us to be part of something not too fintechy!

The panel discussed the implication of blockchain application in the art ecosystem, how it may potentially replace intermediaries like auction houses, democratise art through fractionalisation, give rise to a new way to authenticate artwork, protect artists' copyrights and reduce money laundering etc.

Alex was joined by Henri and Yat and kept under control by our friend and amazing moderator Karena.

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We're experimenting with this viral video sharing app. We all deserved some fun in these stressful times. Do you want to see more? Write back to tell us. 


“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

- Michelle Obama


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