I want them in the movies!

Comic book/cartoon characters I would want to see made into films.

We're in the Renaissance Era of high-end comic book characters brought to life on the silver screen. It's a complete inversion of the pecking order from the 1940s to 1990s. I guess it might have to do with the fanbase growing up with X-men, Spider Man, Batman, etc. and lining up to buy movie tickets to watch their stories played out big time.

Most of them are great: the Capt. America saga, Iron Man, Thor, Avengers all were great to watch and be entertained by! Not forgetting the forever indelible performances by Heath Ledger as The Joker or the mini series formats like Wandavision.

I'm not an expert on comics, but I do know from my fragmented attention span there were maybe a few superhero characters they missed that -at least on the comic page- had awesome potential! Here they are:


One of the Inhumans created by Jack Kirby. Her superpower was that she could stretch and manipulate her dark red hair in all directions at will, like octopus arms!

Wonder Wart-Hog

An underground comix character created by Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers artist Gilbert Shelton. He's the 'hog of steel!' When he's not the mild mannered copy boy Philip Desanex he becomes a raging criminal-ripping maniac. This would be a great dark comedic send off of the Super Hero genre, like Deadpool.


By the late Spain Rodriguez. Another underground comix character. He fights on the side of the working people, a true Socialist Avenger back when it had an underground connection to the hippie era of the 1960s. I could see a Punisher-like take on this character. (I have an earlier article showcasing him).

The Big O

It's oversized gargantuan Japanese robots meets James Bond meets Bruce Wayne. Roger Smith is a negotiator in the domed Paradigm City, a place where everyone's lost any memories beyond 40 years ago (nobody saved the newspapers?). Anyway, it as a great cartoon series on Adult Swim years back. It would make a great 'Transformers' style action-movie. I'm waiting for Roger to scream into his watch "BIG-O! SHOW TIME!!"

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