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'this week ... next week'

28th June 2020

Your weekly newsletter from Yeadon Methodist Church

United in Worship (via Zoom !)

Join our live service via Zoom this morning: gathering from 10am, the service starts at 10.30am and opportunity for conversation in church groups afterwards.

Join using or on Zoom app using meeting ID: 986 3972 2958.

Or use your landline to join in by phoning 0131 460 1196 and enter the meeting ID.

For an alternative reflection by Jenny, click on the image below for a linked music video, then see Jenny's thoughts underneath.

Advance notice that on Tuesday the 7th July Audrey Thompson will celebrate her Birthday, the same day that Liz & Chris Pinder celebrate their Wedding Anniversary. 

Then on the 8th Ann Exley will celebrate her Birthday, but as she's not 80 yet she won't be getting another mention until 2022 comes around !

From Dorothy Seager:

"I just wanted to add my thanks to the loyal team (John, Kath, Chris & Norman) who deliver 'this week ... next week' every Sunday. It is very much appreciated.

Also - a big 'well done' to the busy, hard-working team who are working on our Church. It certainly will look at its best for us when we can at last return." 

Unpacking the parables ...

As a child in Sunday School we were told that the parables were “An earthly story with a heavenly meaning”. This definition seems a little incomplete. “Parables are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning which enable us to live our earthly lives in a more heavenly way” seems a tongue twister but slightly more accurate. We should perhaps bear in mind that not all of the parables, of which there are about sixty, are in the form of a story!

Throughout the month of July, I am inviting us to look at some of the parables. Each week I will be writing a reflection based upon a parable. There will be questions to help you engage further. The material will be available alongside the Churches usual weekly correspondence.

On Friday afternoons, starting from 10th July at 2.00-2.40pm, you will have an opportunity to join an optional zoom meeting. This will take the form of an informal fellowship where we can discuss any thoughts or insights that you may have had whilst engaging with the weeks material.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 6129 0467 Password: 6DzB9H

I look forward to sharing with you.

Every blessing, Jenny.

From the Maintenance team: Now that the scaffolding had been removed the new vestibule roof and pointing is looking good. 

This week we've been clearing up, cleaning out gutters, painting air vents and replacing some broken slates on the corridor roof.

Chris, Norman and John

Answers to Eric's Yorkshire Quiz no 2:

    1. Bulmer.
    2. Hornby.
    3. Nidd.
    4. Felixkirk.
    5. Sleights.
    6. Sutton Bank.
    7. Starbeck.
    8. Pickering.
    9. Hawes.
    10. Laverton.
    11. Killingbeck.
    12. Ripon.
    13. Starbotton.
    14. Askham Richard.
    15. Timble.
    16. Buckden.
    17. Burnbridge.
    18. Chopgate.
    19. West End.
    20. Beckwithshaw.

    Alongside the building maintenance (detailed above), the flower bed in front of the memorial, and the wildflower garden have also been well cared-for during lockdown: 

    Talking of gardens ...

    You can imagine my happy face this week when I bought a plant from the nursery, got it home and then discovered it's proper name ! Couldn't have named it better.

    And I'm certain it will grow well, complement everything around it, and be admired by all who come into contact with it.

    And finally ... I called into the library this week to ask if they had any books on 'coincidences'. 

    "As a matter of fact", said the librarian, "this one just came in today"

    Keeping in touch

    This newsletter is published every Sunday. Please help us to reach as many people as possible by forwarding this copy to anyone you think might like to read it.

    We're aware that not everyone has internet access and so John, Kath, Chris & Norman are very kindly hand-delivering copies where that's the case. If that's you - or you know someone who would appreciate a paper copy - please let Joan Wilkinson know.

    And if you'd like to contribute something - either email me at or call me on 07810 327310.

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