Hard to believe summer break is upon us in two weeks! But before that happens, if you've wondered what the deal is between Sarah Drexel and Benny Turner (you met them in Everything She Ever Wanted - Sarah is Dax's sister and Benny is her long-time partner and father of their son, Dyami), wonder no more!

EVERY BREATH is FREE today and tomorrow so if you haven't met Sarah and Benny up close, this is it! And I gotta warn you - they're one steamy couple!


Twelve years since he promised her his heart, can their love stay as strong as ever... even without that ring?

Environmental protection scientist Benny Turner has always managed to surprise his long-time love (and Valentine cynic) Sarah Drexel on Valentine’s Day. But when a toxic waste spill on tribal land requires him to travel out of state, for the first time since they’ve been together, they'll have to spend Valentine’s Day apart.

But Benny has never been one to give up so easily. Determined to give Sarah a day she'll never forget, he’ll move mountains to get back to her in time for Valentine's Day... or even better, employ the help of friends and family to help him pull off his most ambitious plan yet. 

But Benny’s not the only one with a surprise up his sleeve. Sarah has one, too. 

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Guess what's coming up very soon? I'm just waiting for this baby to go live! In the meantime, here's a sneak listen of Loving Riley! 

Until then, thank you so much for reading and listening to my stories! I appreciate you very much!

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