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Happy Monday!!

Mother City SkyDiving be closed from the 22nd April to the 3rd May due to South African National SkyDiving Championships in:

* Artistic Events (AE) *

* Acuracy Landing *

* Canopy Formation *

* Canopy Piloting *

* Formation Skydiving (FS) *

* Wingsuiting *

As you can imagine, training and Competing keeps us at the top of our game.

We will be taking bookings up until Thursday 21st April, and again from Wednesday 4th May.

Thanks for your understanding, apologies for any inconvenience, and of course...

Good Luck to Mother City SkyDiving Team Members Competing.

 Thank YOU for your continued support...

And thank YOU for Flying

With Mother City SkyDiving - Cape Town

What is National Championships all about?

Click below to find out more about South African National Championships, and to read the reports from 2015 National Championships.


First leg - Skydive Pretoria - Canopy Piloting


Second leg - SkyDive Rustenburg - Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation and Wingsuit


How did Mother City SkyDiving Team Members do last Year?


* JJ came first in Canopy Piloting Accuracy, second in Canopy Piloting Distance, and came out second overall in Canopy Piloting.

* Waldo came first in Wingsuiting distance, second in Wingsuit time, first in Wingsuit speed, and came out first overall in Wingsuiting.

* JJ came second in Wingsuit distance, third in Wingsuit time, third in Wingsuit speed and came out third overall in Wingsuiting.

Family Day Out

In celbration of two birthdays in the family, the Georgiou's came out to Mother City SkyDiving for...


"literally the most fun I have ever had" - Gillian Georgiou

"Awesome experience, great day to learn to fly, we will definitely be back for more. The team is so enthusiastic and fun loving and made it great for is all. Mother City SkyDiving Rocks.

We so admire your and your teams enthusiasm"

Tony Georgiou

Bucket List - What are you waiting for?

Recently Peter Martin (82) and Ivan Kirk (86) came out to jump with us...

"The whole experience was really great. From the friendly reception, explaining the process and options regarding photos, to the 'reception committee' on landing.

The jumpmaster was exceptional in getting me suited up, in explaining about the jump, bringing confidence to me before we left the plane. It was great having my son Robin, his wife Lindi and my 86 year old friend Ivan also skydiving.

It was awesome launching into the blue - earth 10,000ft below.


The feeling of flight - terrific and on landing "Can I go again!


The videos and photos really captured my moments in the sky.

A very great experience."


Thank you Mother City Skydiving.

Peter Martin

Wall of Expression

We love reading what our guests write on our wall after jumping.

200+ "Incredible" Reviews

"Probably the best experience of my life. Better then sex. Thank you Mother City SkyDiving for changing my life"

We are rated nr. 7 in Outdoor Activities in Cape Town

Thank you for all the incredible reviews.


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