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Happy almost-summer, dear readers! I'm so excited to welcome you to the June issue of The Cozy Read! First of all, I am very pleased to have a guest this month: Maria V. Snyder, bestselling author of Poison Study. If you aren't familiar with her books, you may just recognize her name for the wonderful review she wrote for The Absinthe Earl. She's here to share her favorite cozy space with us!

On a behind-the-scenes note, I have moved my newsletter operation from Mailchimp to Mailerlite. So if you notice anything different or odd this month, that may well be the reason. I'm working out kinks. 

In the category of book news, I have two big things to share with you! 

  • There's an annual convention in New York called Book Expo, and it was held at the end of May. Booklist, which is a publication of the American Library Association and an important book reviewer, featured an event called a Shout 'n Share. The Absinthe Earl was featured! You can read more about that here
  • I've just now received another wonderful author endorsement for The Absinthe Earl! From USA Today Bestselling author Amanda Bouchet (The Kingmaker Chronicles):  

    "Danger, intrigue, action, and passion—The Absinthe Earl has it all! This bold blend of historical romance, legend, and fantasy takes readers on a thrilling ride through an alternate Ireland that weaves folklore right into the world we know. Original and captivating!"

    THANK YOU, Amanda! 

Win an advance, signed copy of The Absinthe Earl! 

Before we move on to Maria's cozy feature, here are the details about the  giveaway! I want to thank the folks who followed me on BookBub, and to give a nudge to those who may still be thinking about it. I'm going to give away a signed advance reading copy of The Absinthe Earl. A winner will be chosen at random from the pool of folks who followed me after the last newsletter and who follow between now and the next newsletter. At the moment, your odds of winning are pretty good! Go to my BookBub profile.

Welcome Maria V. Snyder, bestselling fantasy and science fiction author known for the popular Study series! (A list of books with buy links here.) I found Poison Study to be a thoroughly original fantasy with a smart and engaging heroine, and I'm very keen to check out her scifi series as well! Maria is here to share her favorite cozy space. 

* * *

My sunroom is my favorite spot in my house. Not technically a “real” sunroom, it does have a large picture window on one wall, and a sliding glass door on the other. The bright yellow walls make me happy, and it’s comfortable. I spend as much time in there as possible. The big green chair is perfect for when I’m working on my laptop. I keep a cup of hot tea nearby as I edit my book or critique one of my student’s manuscripts. It’s not a high back chair, which is good so I’m not tempted to nap while working—that’s what the couch is for!

I also use the desk, but not for writing. It holds my music while I’m practicing my cello. As a recent empty nester, I’ve dusted off the old girl (her name’s Rosie) after a twenty year hiatus. I’ve joined my local community orchestra, and was a bit out of my depth at first (okay, more than a bit). Due to typing seventeen novels in those twenty years, my fingers are still nimble—it’s the eye-hand coordination of reading music and playing that was hard to re-learn. And the orchestra (half of them are college age) wasn’t slowing down for me and Rosie. But it’s tons of fun and a nice break from writing. Although my cat probably wishes I'd avoid practicing the high notes on the A string. (Why do composers write music for cello that’s in the stratosphere? It’s a bass cleft instrument, people!) As soon as I start practicing, Kitty takes off for…well, I’ve no idea where he goes, but he takes off at warp speed. Not that my feelings are hurt…well, not much. 😊

Speaking of Kitty, he enjoys the sunroom as well. In the afternoon, I’ll find him sleeping in the sunshine beaming in through the windows. Also his toys and cat tree are in there and we frequently play. Yes, his name is Kitty. My children named him Valek after a character in my books (the Study series). Valek is an assassin and all around tough guy, so a perfect name for a black cat that is also known as “the bug assassin” (he’s really good at catching flies). However, our big black tom cat only responds to Kitty. Sigh.

My sunroom looks out over my backyard and the farm fields beyond. Wheat is this summer’s crop. Other years it’s been corn or soybeans. If it’s not raining, I’m treated to a beautiful sunset. And in the fall, I’ll watch the combine drive through and harvest the crop. One of these days, I’m going to ask to drive the combine. That makes my husband—who grew up on a farm—laugh. I think I can handle a combine. I’ve also watched thunderstorms come rolling in through those windows.

My sunroom, while cozy, also triggers my creativity. And I think most authors have a room or place in their house that also inspires them. Thanks for letting me share my favorite place with you!

* * * 

Is that a nice mix of excitement and cozy for June? Thank you again to my guest, Maria! And we'll see you all next month. 

If you'd like to get in on The Absinthe Earl preorders and haven't yet, here's a handy link...

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