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This past weekend I virtually attended LitCon.  It was a gathering of indie authors that had several interesting panels, and break out discussions.  I attended a world building panel moderated by AF Stewart where we talked about social structures, classes, and other fun stuff.  CL Gaber was also part of the discussion, which was a treat.

I also chatted with several other very engaging authors like Richard White, Joe Compton, and Karina Kantas.  It was an invigorating experience.

Lots of the panel content and discussions are posted on the LitCon Facebook Page.  Feel free to give them a watch.

Players of the Game Character Profile: Corsis

Corsis is the primary villain of the Players of the Game series.  He covertly manipulates the events of Sufrinzon, Trojis, and many other realms all for his depraved entertainment.

His urbane demeanor hides a monstrous personality.  He has more power than a pantheon of gods.  He also takes on many forms.  The Lizard is the first one that readers encounter in Repenter.  There are many others.

Here's a sample of his interaction with Ashe from Repenter:

“Harm?” He spoke the word with an absurd shrill of his voice. “Ashe, you couldn’t touch me even if you could mance the most potent fire in existence. I have no fear of you in that regard.”

Ashe stepped back once more. “Then we’re fine.”

“Oh, no. We’re not.” The archmancer drummed his fingers on his leg. “You see, I do fear you.”

Ashe cocked an eyebrow. “You can’t be serious.”

“Deadly.” Corsis rushed to him. His toothy jaws came within inches of Ashe’s face. The feint smell of fruit from the chilled beverage filled the Lizard’s breath. “I fear your mind.”

November Recommendations

Mandalorian Season 2.

I'm current up through episode 4.  This is the best Star Wars iteration of the Disney Era.  Hands down.  They do a fantastic job with the western in space vibe.  I loved seeing Timothy Oliphant in it.  And Baby Yoda (aka The Child) remains very cute and continues to eat all kinds of... well, basically anything that moves that is smaller than him.  I gotta wonder if the Yoda race is some kind of group of apex predators.  The effects are also very close to movie quality.  I enjoy it.


This is a game on Steam.  It's a visual novel that takes place in a city that's under threat from a domestic terrorist organization.  You play a cop who's the head of the task force that's trying to stop them from blowing up buildings.  The writing is very tight, and you get in some very morally grey situations in your drive to try to zero in on the terrorists.  A compelling game for those who liked Choose Your Own Adventure novels back in the late 20th century.

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