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ISSUE 145, 02 JUN 2020
Galapagos' travelling libraries

Princh Library Blog

Edgado Civallero, a librarian at the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) on the Galapagos Islands, shares his fascinating story of life on the isolated islands and setting up library outreach projects.  

Strong Girls Clubs and Libraries

Jane Cowell/ Medium

The story of the Strong Girls Club and how a library provided a user-led safe space for a group of young people which grew into something much bigger. 

Sharing the benefits of open data with librarians in Malawi: Open Data Day 2020 report

Open Knowledge Foundation blog

Latest in the series of posts about local events from the Open Knowledge Foundation's global Open Data Day. Khumbo Bangala Chirembo, a librarian at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Malawi reports on an open data workshop with librarians.

Project Launch: Canceling the Big Deal

Ithaka S+R

Danielle Cooper introduces a project involving 11 US research libraries. Launching this week, the study aims to address the effect of Big Deal cancellation on researchers.

When An Island Shuts Down: Aruba & the National Emergency Library

Wendy Hanamura/ Medium

When the small island nation of Aruba went into lockdown, the libraries swung into action to support students who were about to take final exams. Students sit exams in Dutch, English, Spanish and their native language of Papiamento, so supplying them with the literature they needed was no easy task. 

The future is cooperative


Now, more than ever, library management systems must collaborate and innovate together, argues Scott Livingston.

Thinking Outside: Libraries and Placemaking in Pandemic Times

Web Junction

As lockdown measures ease, some libraries are looking at how they can utilise their outside space to build stronger communities. Jennifer Peterson reviews some past initiatives for inspiration. 

Opinion | After the Coronavirus, Libraries Must Change

Anthony W. Marx/ The New York Times

The president of the New York Public Library explains why libraries must go much further with their digital offerings.

Ten changes we’ve made to the Library website since lockdown

Antony Groves/ Multimedia Information and Technology Group Blog

Learning and Teaching librarian at the University of Sussex Library describes ten changes that have been made to library services during lockdown to support students with the transition to remote and online working. 

Programming Through the Pandemic

Library Journal

Erica Freudenberger reviews some of the online programming put in place by libraries during the Covid-19 pandemic closures. 

The British Library Simulator

Digital scholarship blog

A Bitsy game that allows you to visit a version of the British Library building in St Pancras, London. 

REALM Project: Happening Now

OCLC Web Junction

An update on phase one of a research project to look at how long the Covid-19 virus might survive on commonly handled and circulated library materials. 

Barriers to Supporting Accessible VR in Academic Libraries

The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, Issue Seventeen

With a wide range of applications, virtual reality can be a useful learning tool in many areas of education. This paper looks at some of the challenges involved in making virtual reality accessible for disabled students, and the need to balance innovation with inclusion. 

The Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World Newsletter

Library and Archives Canada/ May 2020 Issue

A useful newsletter with the latest information on public administration and recordkeeping practices.

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