The only way through this crisis is together

[Kris Rallah-Baker, The Guardian]

This is not the first infectious agent to devastate Australia, but our collective memory as a nation and the great Australian amnesia have failed us. The consequences will be lethal.

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Warnings about COVID-19 are being translated into Aboriginal languages

[Aneeta Bhole, SBS]

Language barriers in parts of the Northern Territory are being broken down so all Australians can access important messaging about the coronavirus pandemic.

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Karla Grant investigates the effect of the virus in Indigenous communities amidst her own family distress

[by Hannah Pemberton]

Grant reveals in this episode that her mother’s survival depends on total isolation from outsiders, as well as having zero contact with her family who could be unwitting transmitters of this killer virus.

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NLC strict travel restrictions for communities

[by Leah McLennan]

The key principle guiding all the work the NLC has been doing since this virus outbreak, is that we must keep our mob safe. We’ve had that thought front of mind with every negotiation we’ve had with governments, both Commonwealth and NT.

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