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March 2019

Many thanks to all of you who took the leap and jumped with me over to my personal newsletter. <3 

This magazine-style newsletter is what you can expect to see every month, highlighting freebies, new releases and what's going on in the Discord.

I'm so thankful for supportive readers. You are some of the most amazing people out there. Your stories encourage me. 

- Sarah

Free Dragon School World Short Story

I challenged author D. W. Hawkins to a writing duel after he insulted dragons on Facebook. The premise: we each wrote a short story on the theme of 'The Princess and the Dragon'. My story was to be pro-dragon and his was to be anti-dragon and we would let the fans decide if dragons belonged in fantasy stories. I'm offering mine free and I hope that you enjoy it. 


Fun fact: This story is a prequel to the next Dragon School Spin-off which should begin in early Autumn 2019. 

In the Discord:
Four Great Fantasy Authors!

We're hosting Live Q&A's and weekly giveaways in the Dragon School Discord. Here's the March Line-up:

Sophie Davis - March 8

Derek Siddoway - March 15

Gwynn White - March 22

Nicolette Andrews - March 28



Dragon Chameleon 6
Dragon Chameleon: World of Legends

When you don't know the rules, how do you play the game?
I never asked to be a hero, but now that I've been marked as one, I can't avoid a series of trials. 
At stake?
The lives of all my friends and my beloved dragon, Saboraak.
But I don't know the rules and my usual impulsiveness is not helping. Can I slow down to figure out these puzzles before it is too late?


Dragon Chameleon 7
Dragon Chameleon: Chase the Moon

I'm the hero - or so they say.

I've never been all that excited about the title - especially now that they're saying the word "sacrifice" along with it.
I'll do what I have to do to help Bataar's people, but with Saboraak thinking I've gone mad and my mimic causing me trouble, it might be harder than I ever expected.
I need to get out of here fast - before a war starts or I end up dead.


Swords of Spring

This month I'm a sponsoring author of this epic fantasy event and I am giving away a custom hardcover of one of the Dragon School omnibuses. It's going to be fun!


Sarah K. L. Wilson

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