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The Write Time

Writing is, as they say, a funny old game. Writers, in the main, live fairly normal lives and in the evening or at weekends they sit and scribble away committing their thoughts to screen or paper. Once in a while they get lucky and manage to have their material put in to print, This month I'm twice lucky, with two new novels out, Where Every Man and A Handkerchief for Maria.

More of those below, along with tips and ideas, snippets from my writing journey, and even a chance to get a free chapter from one of my novels.

A selection of my recent posts

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Where do ideas come from?

The inspiration for a story can come from anywhere. In my first novel read more

Outlining a novel

I outline all of my novels, and recently discovered some new tricks using Scrivener and Scapple read more

The right place

Almost nine years’ ago my wife bought me a pen for my birthday. The body of the pen is bog-oak, read more

Why did she do that?

As writers we can plan our stories in the finest detail but, despite it all, they come alive and go their own way read more

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This one has been a long time coming. The research which led to A Handkerchief for Maria began in the 1980s and the writing of it started in around ten years ago.

Maria sits by the bed of her comatose daughter, Alice, in 1945.
When the doctor tells Maria the young woman has only a short time to live, she begins to tell Alice family stories, some true, some not, to make sense of the events which have brought them to where they are now.
The stories begin in Wicklow, Ireland, in 1847, and span three continents, two world wars, and Maria's flight from Ireland as the country gains its independence.
A Handkerchief for Maria is drawn from real lives of ordinary people in extra-ordinary circumstances.

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March 1940, and James Given has left his job as a detective inspector in England and moved with his wife, Rachel, to start a new life in France.

A local woman dies under suspicious circumstances, and what had first appeared to be a tragic cycling accident soon seems to be something more sinister.

When James reluctantly begins to question the locals, it becomes apparent a spy is in hiding nearby. And with the Second World War intensifying, and the terror of the Nazi’s an ever-present threat, Given is unsure of who he can trust.

WHERE EVERY MAN is the fourth historical crime novel in the Inspector James Given Mystery Series – a traditional British investigation set in 1940s Europe.

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Charlie Garratt - Author

Broseley, Shropshire
United Kingdom

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