Snow Paw 2

Written by Rob Multari
Art by Mog Park
Colors by Bruna Costa
Lettering by Dave Lentz
Editors: Katrina Roets, Mel Bangasan

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The story so far...

When we last left farm girl Cirray MacKinlay she was witnessing her family being attacked by werewolves. This triggered a transformation to werewolf in her own self, whereupon she fought back her attackers in Issue Two of this story. Moments later she's helped by another werewolf who's on her side and a (were?)-Lion.

Before Rob Multari gets to that part though we're treated to a 'The Last of Us' style spore attack infection set in the Amazon Rain Forest circa 1859, when this whole story is set in. There's also a land-purchase deal being set into play in British Parliament way over in the U.K., where a British Bank and an American tycoon are vying for a decrepit slum area of London.

Cirray (aka Snow Paw) goes on a sailing trip to London -after dealing with burying her dead family- with the Lion and other Werewolf.

Much of a much-ness.

There's a 'much of a much-ness' as the Dormouse said to Alice in Wonderland here. Every panel is chock full of colorful detail. Snow Paw 2 reads more like a tapestry and less like a comic book -I found it challenging at times to follow the story with so much distraction. There's definitely a sense of piling on... Rob Multari wants more and more stuff put into this comic (there's also a 'hidden backwater magic bar scene'). That would be great if Snow Paw were a children's book or alphabet primer. Since it had its origins in horror, I feel we're getting off track by a wide margin. Snow Paw 2 is just too pretty a comic book to be as scary as the previous Night Wolf books Rob put out in the last couple of years.

What might be interesting with the next Snow Paw stories, if they stay true to Night Wolf's plot line, is how she becomes the grizzled and harsh cunning werewolf shown in that book. Maybe it's the 170-years or so that pass that makes her that way?

Kinda cutesy, not so horror.

I thought this book was adequate. I'd like it better if it had fewer details and a darker color palette, and definitely fewer or no scene changes, more like a true horror story.

Next Tuesday:

Just flipping through this book and -whoa- NOT safe for work stuff, so I'll have to be careful with what I show.

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by Jeff Douglas Messer


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