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Last weekend, I worked on setting up another blog โ€” Clipped.

Clipped is what I had initially thought for Hulry. Random but interesting and valuable clips from around the web:

I usually post around 3โ€“4 clips every day, some times more. Check out the blog and let me know what you think by replying to this email.

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Book to Read

1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently

1000+ Little Things is a beautiful compilation of a massive number of life lessons that Marc and Angel have learnt over a decade. A short but helpful read.

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Apps & Services

lofi.cafe โž”

Stream low-fidelity music

If youโ€™re into listening to chill beats while you work, this service will be a perfect fit. Lofi Cafe is a free web app where you can tune into โ€œlofiโ€ (low fidelity) music all day long. Suitable for when you don't want to get distracted by vocals but desire to have something playing in the background while you work.
Paste โž”

Universal copy-paste for Apple devices, with clipboard history

Paste is Appleโ€™s universal copy-paste on steroids. While Iโ€™ve had problems with Appleโ€™s universal copy-paste sometimes, Paste never let me down. A searchable clipboard history, item collections and iCloud sync make this app incredibly valuable. Available on iOS, macOS and iPadOS.
Tab Snooze โž”

Snooze your Chrome tabs for later

Tab Snooze is a Google Chrome extension that lets you snooze your tabs for some time. For example, if you snooze a tab for 24 hours, then after 24 hours, you'll get a notification on your system for that snoozed page. Clicking on the notification will open the snoozed page in Chrome. Helpful for stashing away pages for later and then actually getting to them.

Taking the Shortcut


Down / Up

Jump to the bottom or top of a webpage on any browser in macOS.

Interesting Reads

Why I Stopped Using VPNs โž”

10 min read

After trying out a couple of major-league VPN services, namely TunnelBear, NordVPN and ExpressVPN, for about a year, I jotted down my experience. It was bittersweet. In this post, I talk about the disadvantages of a VPN that no one talks about and what's the road ahead for me.
Don't End The Week With Nothing โž”

21 min read

Patrick McKenzie, Stripe's business guy, writes about why you should end every week with something to take away from your work. Work on something which you can showcase at a later point. This article is a gold mine of good advice on building something which you can own.
De-Quasimodo Yourself โž”

9 min read

Working all day hunched over your keyboard leads to severe back issues and degrades your overall body posture. This article highlights 6 easy exercises which you can do during the day to correct your body posture and look more confident.
How to Say No Without Feeling Bad About It โž”

12 min read

Saying NO to unreasonable commitments is an essential skill to stay focused on your goals rather than leaking your time to tasks that don't add value to your life. However, saying no to someone is a lot harder than reading about it on a blog. In this article, Belle Beth Cooper highlights 4 actionable tips which will help you say no without looking like a jerk.
My Story: $2.26 to Millionaire in 5 Years โž”

8 min read

Unlike regular personal finance articles, which talk about cutting your daily latte to save a million dollars, Grant Sabatier will take you through his hustling journey. This post will motivate you to take the baby steps to shape up your life and achieve the financial freedom you've been dreaming of for years.


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