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Newsletter 2, April 2018

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Welcome to Modasti’s second newsletter. Modasti Consulting is Arjen Jaarsma, a public transport expert with more than 20 years of experience.

Electric buses

The transition from diesel to electric public transport buses in Europe has really started now, that is the key message I took home from the ZeEUS Final Event last month. Over the last few years, I have attended many Electric Bus events, but this one was the most exciting thus far. Hosted by the UITP, more than twenty presentations were given with state-of-the-art knowledge about the transition.

Paris is moving fast with a complete transition of its fleet of 4700 buses from diesel to electric and biogas in the next seven years. South of Amsterdam, 100 electric buses started to operate in the days following the Final Event and presentations from Bonn, London, Stockholm, Warsaw and other cities gave results of the 4.5 years since the ZeEUS project was initiated. At the end of the event, ‪Noshin Omar from the VUB in Brussels gave a very enthusiastic presentation about ASSURED which can be considered as ZeEUS’ follow-up project.

Modasti Consulting is a specialist in electric buses and follows the transition in the EU28 countries very closely, especially in Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Later this month, I will also attend the ELIPTIC Final Conference in Bremen.

Governance of public transport systems

In February of this year, I published a LinkedIn blog titled, ‘The right governance model for urban public transport’. The blog describes how good experience has been gained by embracing a governance model in which there is one overarching Public Transport Authority (PTA) and that a culture of good governance is essential for an efficient and customer-friendly organisation of the public transport system.

Modasti Consulting has published seven blogs over the last 1.5 years. They can be found here.

New project in Kuwait

Developing an Integrated Public Transport Plan for a new city in Kuwait, that is the scope of a new project I started to work on last month. As a sub-consultant to Transmotion, a Kuwait based traffic and transportation consultancy, Modasti is in charge of defining a Public Transport Strategy and Network for an entirely new city which will be built for 240,000 people.

Also, the development of conceptual plans for the infrastructure and operations will be part of the assignment. More information about the project will be published soon on Modasti’s website under Reference Projects.

Risk Management in public transport operations

Setting up a solid risk management system for public transport operations is one of Modasti’s areas of expertise. Risks like flooding, terrorist attacks and financial shockwaves (e.g. through decreasing usage of public transport lines) can be a huge threat to public transport systems. Risk Management in public transport operations is an important aspect to guarantee safe and continuous operations of the system for the public and keep the public transport system financially stable.

Modasti Consulting will undertake several initiatives in the field of Risk Management later this year. More about this in the next newsletter!

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