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Insightful Letter 6
Whom you trust affects your future?

Hey ,

Hope you are doing great. I have been pondering a lot about trust and faithfulness of people this week. Here is the today's letter's idea 

 The Idea      

It is believed that Homosapiens (we, humans) outcompeted all other related human species on earth because of a special ability. 

There were species like Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc who were much more strong physically then Homosapiens. But Homosapens had a special ability to cooperate with each other that others lacked. 

In other words, Homosapiens (us) have an amazing ability to work in a team that involves trust and loyalness to each other.

We are the only species on earth who can work together in a synchronized way in large numbers. 

Imagine how many people are working for Amazon, Reliance, or any organization. No other species can work as a team in such large numbers.

But today, unfortunately, we are witnessing the misuse of our special abilities such as trust, faithfulness, etc. by our own species.

A decade before, parents used to tell their children about the dangers of meeting strangers. As time passed, we understood how to deal with strangers and verify them before trusting them.

But nowadays those strangers are on your mobile, computer, social media profiles.

Everybody tries to grab your attention through their products online or offline. 

Products can be anything from a blog, e-commerce website, newsletter, books, videos, webinars, mentorship programs, or any physical products.

Don't get me wrong, sales and marketing are not bad. It is a great skill.

If people don't come to you with their products, you might miss a great product that could change your life for the better.

It's just that you should be more rigorous while choosing a product or service.

I have seen my friends say 

'What if I subscribe to a channel or blog that is not that great or productive. How will it affect me in the long term?'

I think we haven't yet understood the definition of influencers in this digital age or even if we know, we tend to overlook it.

We used to call Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc. influencers because they had the ability to move people.

But today someone with a website or a Youtube channel is also an influencer. Yes, he might not have reach to a huge number of people but he can certainly influence some sections of people.

 You know what's most interesting, most often we don't even realize that we are getting influenced by someone.

Just think about how many videos, articles, newsletters, or other kinds of contents you consume daily.

Are they productive? 

Are they helping you to think or act with more clarity?

If yes, then great.

If not, then you need to reconsider your choices.

Everything you consume on the internet affects your mindset even if you don't agree with something on the internet.

It's just like you go for a walk every day at a park and meet all kinds of people there.

If you talk with people who are unpleasant, arrogant, narcissistic, etc then you may not like them but if you continue talking with them just to have fun, not only you will lose your time but it will affect your mindset in a negative way.

Remember Newton's 3rd law 'everything has a reaction'. 

So whatever you consume and whoever you trust affects you in either a positive or negative way.


Because you are reading this e-mail, I am also influencing you. It's up to you to decide whether I am providing value or crap to you.

Just like cleaning our home is mandatory for good hygiene and health, removing the crap contents from our life is equally important for a better life and future. 


Book/article recommendation


Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The journey of Homosapiens from caves to jungles to today's modern world is fascinating. Isn't it fascinating to know why we are the only human species survived on earth? This book describes journey of Homosapiens in a fascinating way. A must-read and a kind of book that one should read multiple times (I read twice).

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Another great book by the same author. This one describes the probable journey of humans to the future. I am sure these books will stimulate you intellectually. If you haven't read them yet, please read .

One video suggestion

Here is one insightful video on àtrust in the digital ageà by a philosopher Onora O'Neill. 

One quote

"Ponder for a long time whether you shall admit a given person to your friendship; but when you have decided to admit him, welcome him with all heart and soul."

                                                                           - Seneca


This week I haven't written an article since I was busy in a few webinars the whole week. But you can read one of my previous most loved articles.  

September 8 , 2019
What it’s like to live in extreme poverty

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If you have anything to say or ask, just reply to this mail. I will respond.

Until next week,


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Jayabrata Das

IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai

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