Updates and Winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card Announcement


It was a crazy few days last week after I accidentally unpublished Falling for Jordan and then had to make the mad scramble to put it back online. Unfortunately, since the distributor had announced they were closing, I could no longer use the old links and so, after issues with other retailers, there's now only one new link that will take readers directly to Amazon where Falling for Jordan is free to read in Kindle Unlimited.


$50 Gift Card Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to ELLEN H for winning the $50 iTunes or Amazon Preorder Giveaway! 

And thank you for making the launch of Falling for Jordan a success! I hope you enjoy Addison and Jordan's story.

Kindle Unlimited News

As of November, the following books are on Kindle Unlimited for the rest of the year. 

  • Celebrity series - Loving Ashe and Loving Riley
  • Different Kind of Love series - Everything She Ever Wanted and Falling for Jordan
  • Collateral Attraction

For those of you who've wanted to check out my ultra steamy entry into NY Times bestselling author CD Reiss' Drazen World, NEED is also now on KINDLE UNLIMITED US!

Audiobooks: A Wish Come True

A barista in search of the truth. A Hollywood star yearning for authenticity. One fateful meeting that will send them on a journey of self-discovery and one unexpected romance. 

If you already have a Kindle version, it's Whispersync-ready!


When a scheduling mistake lands a heartbroken surgeon and a cocky carpenter in the same place at the same time, can their fling turn into the real thing?

If you already have a Kindle version, it's Whispersync-ready!


I've always loved listening to audiobooks and have over 230 of them in my library. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that my books would be turned into audiobooks, and 2017 proved itself to be a year of dreams coming true for me. Ashe and Riley. Harlow and Dax. Their stories are now available on audio and if you'd like to give audiobooks a try, I have two (2) Audible codes to give away.


The Holidays are Coming!

What is it with me and box sets? I was supposed to be in this one but had to back out due to... well, life. But I'm so happy to share my friends' upcoming box set of holiday stories about love, hope, and family and it's now available for preorder for 99 cents!


Want a Holiday Card (with Swag) From Me?

Last year, my son received a card and $5 from Santa direct from the North Pole. No kidding! Actually, a fellow author lives in Alaska and his post office really does say the North Pole on it and so he volunteered to send cards to kids of all ages directly from the North Pole. The $5 was his present for my little guy. 

Receiving that card last year (and I'm asking him to send my son another one this year with a note to be good — because it worked!) really made my son's day. it reminded me of the joy I felt whenever I received a card in the mail, something that doesn't happen too often anymore.

And so this year, if you'd like to receive that rare card from me along with a bookmark or two, click the button below and fill out the form. International addresses included!

And with this, I'll close my extra long email and wish those of you who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving. For this month's spirit of thanksgiving and all year round, I am grateful for your support.

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