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Victoria Dmitruczyk | March Issue

It's safe to say, this month hasn't been what we expected it to be. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen COVID-19 take the world by storm. In times like this, I've learned that adaptability really is key 🔑. And yes, while things I were super excited for were cancelled, this has given me something we all want a lot more of; time.

Working on a MASSIVE COVID-19 Guidebook

Speaking of COVID-19, there's a lot of misinformation out there. It seems like every minute random conspiracy theories are coming out about its origin or intention. Having the right information is critical for taking the right actions. A couple of my friends at The Knowledge Society  (Applications are open 😉) and I decided to create a master guide, with everything you need to know from what a pandemic is to how to stay safe. Be warned, it's a 55 minute read, and that's not including the videos 🤯

Consulting for Kidogo in Early Childhood Education

This month, I was super privileged to be working on a consulting challenge for Kidogo, a company working on bringing high quality, affordable, ECD programmes to individuals in Kenya. My team was able to increase revenue by 258%, increasing the income of the caregivers while also increasing the quality of the centres! I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to make an impact in the education space, a topic which I'm really passionate about.

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Other Fun Tidbits
  • I redid my website + started my blog! While my official blog page is still under construction, I've made a couple of my reflections available publically 😉. Go check it out! 
  • I released an article on Artificial Intelligence 🤖. For the last month, I've been diving my nose into different research papers, and I figured it was time to release a piece of content that makes this concept understandable 🤩.
  • Adverse drug reactions have the potential to kill 100,000 Americans alone every year. Recently, I looked into using the SMILES algorithm to more accurately predict drug interactions. You can check out my video on that here 🖥.
🧠 Vic's Picks 🧠

Every month, I aim to provide you with a couple pieces of content that I found really impactful. Here are my top choices for March! 

Consciousness and the Self

Sam Harris is a super interesting person. In this podcast, he examines the nature of consciousness, brain complexity, and much more. It's a super interesting listen 😍.

Using Mushrooms for Energy Storage!?!

This research paper examines how we could prepare porous carbon with shiitake mushrooms, paving the way for interesting energy storage solutions 🍄.

Eudaemonia and Happiness

Aristotle is one of my favourite philosophers. This read explains his views on happiness, talking about nature, purpose, and friendship 🙌. 

Quantum Impact

Microsoft recently released a video series examining the potential impact that Quantum Computing could have. It's really helped me grow my appreciation for the technology ⚛️. 

Right now, it's easy to feel lonely. This was something I really struggled with at the beginning of this month, and especially within the first week March break. Luckily, we're living in an age where we're more connected than ever, so why was I feeling so lonely? 
The realization I've had this month is that for me personally,  I get lonely easily because I am not yet comfortable being alone with myself. I've been actively working on fixing this, and have actually noticed an increase in my productivity, and an improvement in my mental health! The key? Thinking time. I'm getting to a state of more mental clarity, and learning to understand myself. 

💥 One last thing - I'm currently looking for 2020 Summer Internships, especially in the areas of sustainability, artificial intelligence, or consulting. If you know of any opportunities, I would love to be pointed in the right direction, or connected with those individuals. Thank you! 

Well that's all for this month! Times like these are uncertain,  but, we will persist through . Here's what I'm up to next month: 
- I'll be working on a sustainable foods project as part of a submission for MIT Solve
- I'll be working on multiple AI projects aimed at further developing my understanding of machine learning, CNNs, and more
- Working on a top secret 🤫 moonshot project
- Growing my understand of myself and the world 

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