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Last week, and somewhat of the week before, I think I wasn't particularly well. I felt a bit low, definitely lethargic and not like myself.


I took a Covid test just to be sure (it was negative) but I was almost certain this was emotional and hormonal rather than physical.


I'm feeling much, much better now, thankfully too. 


Want a happy outdoor picture to prove it? Here you go...damn look at her (baby, not me LOL)

But - I cancelled meetings and clients, I moved other things around, I spent a good few evenings going straight to bed once the baby was asleep and generally chose not to expect too much of myself. This is an absolute privilege to be able to do this. 


I also made the business decision to move the start of the Coaching Mastermind I'm running from February to March, since I wasn't in the right space to think about promoting and starting it how I wanted to.


Also, on this, having spoken to a number of the people already joined the Mastermind, and those interested in joining, it felt like the Covid news from the first week of January, and the change with homeschooling many people are dealing with, was such a big deal, it had a ripple effect amongst us all.


I needed time to adjust.

Everyone else needed time to adjust.

We needed a second to take January in.

We needed a moment to gather our thoughts.

We needed some breathing space to deal with the lack of breathing space (sorry, that's perhaps not the best analogy in the current climate).


All in all, it felt really good to make the decision to move the Mastermind. Risky though - since what if the people on the Mastermind already decided the new start time didn't suit them? 


But sometimes we HAVE to make business decisions that suit US first, and THEN others.


We DO need to be transparent and honest about why we're making them, but making them with less stress is key to ensuring we make swift decisions rather than stewing on them for days and weeks and making things worse - indeed, making ourselves worse, when we need to heal, focus and feel aligned. 


But it raises the question about what the difference is between being gentle and kind to ourselves in business, versus being seen as a bit flakey, unreliable or even lazy. 


The reality is though that there is not fine line between the two in my experience.  I've yet to find a person who wants a more gentle business who isn't utterly run ragged from everything they've always tried to do. Every over-commitment they've adhered to. Every detail they've gone to, to achieve what they want. 


Indeed, people who love gentle business are the very ones who are so damn scared of being, feeling or appearing lazy, they'll do anything to not be.


Which, of course, means they do over-commit, over do, plan and think, and more.


So, being gentle means it takes them longer to come round to decisions that for other people may have not been an issue.


And the way of living, and working, more gently, takes learning and relearning, to always allow themselves to drop their negative self-talk that tells them they're flaky if they move this launch, or unreliable if they can't show up to something they said they would; but - crucially - have been honest and timely in cancelling or moving it.


The difference between being gentle and lazy may of course be in perception though.


But whilst someone might judge me for moving a launch, I don't judge myself anymore.


And making decisions that are right for us first, usually (not always, I'll admit) means everything else falls WAY more easily into place as a result.


I hope you can use this for yourself too this coming month. in whatever way it will serve you. 


I always say this and here it is again - gentle business is strong, bold, it can be loud, it is focused, it is alignment.


It is the absolute flow of the right conditions creating the right outcomes, for sustainable, happy results.


Gentle business is anything BUT lazy. But you know that already.


To hear more about the Mastermind head here.


See you here on email, or on IG or LI soon no doubt.


Emily x



Surrey, UK

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