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Issue #1  //  Happy Siblings Day!  👯

"Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet." 

- Vietnamese proverb

It’s Siblings Day today, which we think is a great time to send our very first Semi-Together newsletter!

We were inspired to start the Semi-Together podcast by sister collaborations like the bands HAIM and Lennon & Maisy, and the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast that we adore. We were honestly a little jealous that these women got to work with their sisters, and we thought – "Well, why not us, too?"

It’s brought us a ton of joy to stay connected by working on a project together, and we're excited to add this newsletter into the mix. It'll round up episode highlights and takeaways, plus the stuff we text each other all week – articles that make us think, things that make us laugh, song obsessions, and foods we’re loving.

We hope this newsletter adds a little happy to your day. Thank you for being a part of our tribe! 👭


Melia & Gillian 💕

🎙Latest Episode: #13 - Stop Shoulding

We’re especially excited about this one, because erasing "should" from our vocabulary (or at least making our best attempt) has made a big difference for our happiness. Most of us should ourselves all day long – but guess what? There is no should! There’s only could, want to, going to...and replacing your shoulds with words of intention is simple but truly life-changing. And you can start right now!

👉 Steal This Tip: Try something unfamiliar.

From Gill:

A friend and I went to a country line dancing class at our gym this week, and it was both humbling and hilarious. Imagine us spinning in circles, trying not to trip up the spry retirees around us, and scrambling to keep up with the teacher calling rapid instructions in Catalan.

I was so out of my element – which normally makes me feel nervous and self-conscious because I want to be good at everything immediately, and what if everyone sees how ridiculous I look?! But I let that go. It was fun to try something new, and it didn’t matter that I had no idea what I was doing. Who cares?

The other people in the class were so kind to us  – suggesting we stand in the middle so we’d always have someone to follow when we turned, assuring us that everyone starts this way and the dances really are easy once you try them a few times, pointing out the pros in the class to watch if we got lost. I feel like we have to go back now so we can be part of this awesome crew.

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semitogetherGot It Together from Melia: Today the fam and I went to a NatureFest event where the kids dug in the dirt for fossils, made the biggest shimmering bubbles I’ve ever seen, and looked at all manner of animal specimens. . Darren, and even Evan and Avery (with expert help) stepped right up to shoot targets at the archery station with smooth-tipped arrows. I hung back, thinking, “Ehhh...I’m good,” like I tend to do in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous situations. When I mentioned this to one of the staff, he chuckled and said, “THIS isn’t dangerous. Driving a car is dangerous!” Touché, sir. 😊 . So I said what the heck, and gave it a try. I watched an instructor shoot, then he showed me step by step (and for the record, his hands weren’t actually on me!). . It felt powerful to flex my muscles as I drew back the bow, zeroed in on the target, and launched my first arrow. I missed - the arrow lodged above the target - but landed one on the second and third tries. . I was proud of myself for not missing an opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone, and for being okay with not doing it perfectly right out of the gate. Honestly, I would have kept shooting if the kids hadn’t moved me along - I felt as badass as Katniss in The Hunger Games! Mama may be heading for archery camp this summer...🎯 . . #gotittogether #outsideyourcomfortzone #katniss #trynewthings #archery #newskills #personaldevelopment #lifelonglearning #learningallthetime #learnsomethingnew #makemistakes #fear #anxiety #safety #perfectionism #surpriseyourself
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Semi-Together Episode #12: Triggers & How to Cope 🎙

If you figure out your triggers for anger, anxiety, jealousy, etc., you can stave off a bad mood or a downward spiral. Ahem, mansplaining and inconsiderate people blocking our path… 

Read on for our three-step process to identify and manage your triggers.

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  • Fact: Paul Rudd has not aged since Clueless (and may actually look better now). This BuzzFeed quiz celebrates our favorite Benjamin Button on his 50th birthday by asking you to spot which photos he’s younger in. It’s not easy.
  • “I’ll go ahead and make sure you get another copy of that memo…” Office Space came out 20 years ago (!) and gave us lasting motivation to find work we enjoy doing. Entertainment Weekly's oral history of the movie is a fantastic read (and Melia’s fellow Jacksonian Kyle Hilton illustrated the piece!). 

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