This week, B-mail stands for brag mail 😁

Here goes: I entered a t-shirt design contest for the upcoming NIO (Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization) Summit and won!

The theme for this year's conference, to be held in September in Kansas City, is the Wizard of Optimization. The contest offered a chance to submit design concepts for the t-shirts they'll sell at the conference plus free tickets to attend.

Hot diggity!

I whipped out my iPad and started (badly) sketching all sorts of Wizard of Oz X Fundraising ideas. You could say this contest was Toto-lly up my alley. 🤣

I ended up sending in four submissions - three of which became finalists - and one was a winner! Of course, the final result was created by actual designers and looks waaaay better than my gnarly sketch. Here it is: 

So, I'll be at the NIO Summit, and you should probably check it out, too. They put on a conference experience like none other. 

Oh, and don't forget to buy the t-shirt!

Keep Up the Good Work,

P.S. This reminds me of another topic I've been meaning to write to you about: making time to be creative. Coming soon!

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