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Today I'm going to teach you how to stalk someone online.
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I'm kidding, but also not really. This is more of a "professional" stalking.

You know the line "With great power, comes great responsibility"? Sure you do, you've used it in all of your essays, and you think Spiderman says this.

He does not. But you can tell your friends to subscribe to this newsletter using the buttons below! (See what I did there?)

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I am not sure how many times you've gone through this scenario, but I've often tried to find someone's email address online, with no luck. This has happened mostly while visiting a company's website and looking for x person or department's contact information.

Ideally you'd expect a decent Contact Us page on that website, but many-a-times there isn't one because people forget, or because they don't want to share their personal information. Honestly, I've even found cases where an email address is so hidden that it becomes almost impossible to find.

Hunter is an online platform that lets you look for almost anyone's email address... in seconds. This doesn't necessarily work with specific pages (i.e. LinkedIn, where email addresses are often hidden from you on purpose), but it works brilliantly if you're trying to reach someone who works at a certain company, or even if you're looking for HR emails while in your job application process!

Hunter lets you find the email address of a specific person, or a company, and even verify email addresses. Here's a quick example. Say I wanted to get in touch with the founder of a very popular tech blog (iflsmartgadgets.com) but wasn't sure how to contact them. I'd simply enter the website in Hunter's search bar, and voila. 

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Hunter locates all emails associated with that website (in this case, one) and provides sources where it identified this email. This works with huge companies too - take Apple for example.

Hunter search tool

I can vouch for Craig Federighi's email being accurate because I've personally been in contact with him in the past.

You might not need this service on a daily basis, but it definitely has come in handy on specific occasions for me. This service has premium features, or a basic free one. If you want to use Hunter for free, you get 50 searches every month. If you want more, $50 a month gets you 1,000 searches; and there are more plans you can visit if needed.

⭐Bonus Content ⭐

For those unaware about the US prison system, communicationbetween inmates and the outside world can be very expensive(up to $25 for a 15 minute phone call, and even charges per text).

Ameeliois a non-profit technology company that helps people on the outside communicate with people behind bars. All you have to do is write/type the letter, and Ameeliowill do the rest of the work. Their belief is that " Criminal justice should not be a profitable industry", and though they do accept donations to keep their services running, you're able to connect with prisoners at no cost.

This is not a tech-letterkinda tool, but I think the work they do is brilliant and the least I can do is share it with you.

Price? Free (with Premium if needed) β­β­β­β­β­

Available? All browsers β­β­β­β­β­

I have a very specific set of skills...
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