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Featured Romance Books of the Week

When the Roman god of wine and chaos claims you as his own, death is sure to follow. The only question is whose.

Archaeology student Serafina doesn’t believe in mythological creatures like vampires, witches, and ancient gods. But after unearthing an ancient Roman amulet, her dreams of drinking blood and violent magic leave behind an eerie sense of foreboding, and even a skeptic like her starts to wonder how real everything might actually be.

Serafina suddenly finds her life in chaos as a sinister cult takes a deadly interest in the artifact. She's thrown into a world that shouldn't exist, where vampires and witches alike claim ownership of the amulet. Her amulet.

As her connection to the artifact grows, she discovers a dark secret about her past. Serafina realizes she must protect the powerful relic at all costs—even if it means one of the people she loves most must die.Previously published as BIRTH OF THE BACCHAE.

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE is the first book in the IMMORTAL RELICS urban fantasy series. Fans of the Chicagoland Vampires, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Iron Druid Chronicles, and Roman mythology will love this blend of magic, mayhem, and wry humor. Scroll up and one-click to start this thrilling adventure today!

This book contains content deemed suitable for ADULT audiences with scenes that include attempted assault, violence, and torture.


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Ever had a secret you couldn't tell? We have….

Devour twenty tantalizing contemporary romance stories that will leave your sheets hot and your reading devices smoldering.

Inside you'll find sexy, sweet, and deliciously hot stories brimming with sinful secrets.

You'll stay up all night getting seduced by possessive, dirty alphas who will leave you begging for more, sassy heroines willing to make them work for it, and sweet connections that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

From steamy office romance, friends-to-lovers, second-chance, and more, we bring multiple levels of heat and all the spicy tropes to provide you hours of sexy fun.

So tell me ... which of these books will become your next sinfully secret obsession?

Fans of, Lauren Landish, Willow Winters, and Lucy Score will love this set.

*Help us in the fight against hunger. All proceeds from this boxed set will be donated to charity.**

Authors in this set include:

Taylor Dawn, C. Hallman, Dezi Dixon, Deja Voss, Mika Jolie, Elodie Colt, A.J. Macey, Tarrah Anders, Amy Mckinley, CR Robertson, Theresa Sederholt, Macy Butler, Verlene Landon, Rachel Angel, Leah Holt, Leela Lou Dahlin, Sandra Daniels, Allison Lafleur, Cayce Poponea, and Lauren Campbell.

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Layla is a beautiful young woman. Stylish and free-spirited, she has a mind that is open to experiencing adventure. She has been seeing Eric for the past few months, and their relationship is steady and predictable. On the other hand, there is Max, a handsome and sensually attractive young man. Layla’s chance encounter with him leads to sweet confusion and sparks fly. Through an intense interaction, they escape to his apartment and heightened moments of unbridled passion ensue. Max’s charm and raw masculinity blind her as if she were in the presence of something overwhelming. She begins to feel insignificant and nervous. A storm brews within her that leaves her inundated with conflicting thoughts. Who is the right man for her? Who is she? Who does she really want? What should she do? Not long after, she finds out that she is pregnant. Who could be the father? How could this have happened? This insatiable and gripping short story will have you glued to your seat until you finish reading it in one sitting.

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