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Hello, everyone! SMEAG is here to share about the interesting events and fun activities that took place in the past week. Let's find out together! ~

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Filipino street food has gained popularity all over the world for the past few years. One of the best ways to learn about a certain culture is by getting a taste of their local street food! The stories behind the exquisite flavors, heritage and the love for it are found in Netflix's new documentary series, Street Food.

Cebu is one of the various key cities of Asia that was visited by the show. Led by a 71-year-old founder of a famous eatery in Cordova, Cebu, different specialty dishes were presented to the viewers. Nilarang Bakasi (sour stew with reef eels),  Lambay (blue crabs), Pugita (octopus), Sa-Ang (spider conch), Kinilaw (Cebuano ceviche), and Lato (sea grapes) are just a few of the items in the menu! Cebu is indeed rich in culture. Learn more about this beautiful place by visiting and eating the delicious local cuisine served in the streets!

SMEPACE is a new project by SMEAG that runs a program that realistically maximizes the efficiency of English studies with a combination of online and offline classes.

The program is currently in operation at Seoul Center in Korea and was held at the Grand Opening of the 2nd Center in Hanoi, Vietnam on May 7, 2019. It was indeed an exciting event that launched new opportunities for the English language to be professionally taught by professional instructors. With the short orientation regarding the vision of the new campus, the delicious food being served and the tour around the area, the grand opening of SMEPace Vietnam is definitely a first among the manifold future development of SMEAG.

Making a plan is one of the most important steps to achieve one’s goals. Students need to create accurate and detailed plans to reach their learning goals. Creating a study plan not only helps them become more organised, but it also holds them accountable for their own learning outcomes. However, most students don’t even know how to build a plan.

So, we provide a learning schedule in order to support our students for them to know what they are going to study. Especially for the lower level students, having a learning schedule will allow them to prepare on vocabulary and grammar that will be taught in class the day after. This is very important for Beginner and Elementary students because they will not feel lost in class and will be able to follow the lesson. Our learning schedule is an effective way to help them navigate through their journey.

SMEAG Global School makes the most out of summer as it features Summer Clinic 2019. With the clamor to expand and enrich young individuals’ bodily-kinesthetic and scholastic intelligence, SMEAG offers courses which include swimming, tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, basketball, arts and crafts, music and workshops in Mathematics and English. Aiding the development and enrichment of students’ skills are expertly trained facilitators which give highlights to our foreign swimming instructor Mr. Robert White.
SMEAG’s Summer Clinic does not only aim for students to become physically and mentally adept, but also to boost their confidence, motivate them to get socially involved and to stimulate their courage to interact effectively to others.

Students under the English Only Challenge program enjoyed making hotcakes in another successful EOC Activity! The students were respectfully observant as it was first demonstrated by their EOC instructor. It was then followed with the hands-on activity wherein students applied what they learned and made hotcakes themselves! It was familiar to most participants which made it even more fun as they tried to make hotcakes of different sizes. In the end, all the hotcakes were deliciously enjoyed by everyone!

Self-study helps students develop stronger study skills and prepare themselves for important exams. SMEAG highly encourages our students to practice self-studying which is why the school has provided the very means to do so! Through the self-study rooms, students are able to focus and dedicate several hours of learning with little to no interruptions because of their quiet atmosphere.

The self-study rooms were made specially for students who wish to direct their own studying during their free time and explore more topics that they personally find interesting. As what was observed over the past years, self-study is an effective way for our students to complement formal learning that leads to a great improvement in their grades.

SMEAG has been conducting various weekend outdoor activities for our students to unwind and relax from the pressure of studying. Besides the activity managers who reliably handles all these activities, SMEAG has provided teacher activity guides as well! They are teachers from SMEAG who continually serve students on weekends as their tour guides.

What makes teacher activity guides special? They encourage students to make use of what they have learned even as they enjoy the weekends. Through this, students are still able to exercise their knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Teacher activity guides watch over the safety of the students and give insightful descriptions regarding the features destination. They also conduct fun activities for students to play, creating a friendly atmosphere among the participating students. Indeed, SMEAG reaches out to students even on weekends to make it educational and enjoyable!





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