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It's less than two weeks till Christmas and I am not ready! Seriosuly, I am a last minute shopper, but I have always been told that it is the thought that counts! 

What do you think? Right or wrong? LOL

Anyway, since it is that time of year I went ahead and put a page together with links for my holiday themed or set books. You can browse them here: 

I recently released two new books in my Purely Paranormal Pleasures tales and I hope you liked them! Please  let me know with a brief review.

Ready for more Bears? Polar Opposites is coming Christmas Eve! Be sure to reserve your copy today!

Happy Reading & Have a great weekend!

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Coming December 24th!
Available now on KU!

Deviant Rivals by Jacey Ward

Kalen – the dark demon underlord who won't stop at anything to get what – or who – he wants.
Circe – the beautiful, innocent Valkyrie masquerading as a human supermodel.
Kalen is out for blood. Demon blood.
And he needs the powers of a Valkyrie to help him find this soon-to-be-dead demon.
He’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen – even if it means manipulating and lying to the Valkyrie he fell instantly in lust with during her runway modelling debut.
Circe knows she should stay away from the dark demon... but knowing and actually doing are two completely different things.
After all, he’s so damn sweet, and crazy-protective of her.
There’s no way in hell he’d ever hurt her.
Kalen’s in a race against time - betting everything that he’ll have time to break the news of who he really is and how he’s using her, before she finds out what he’s done.
But he’s wrong. So damn wrong.
Now, heartbroken and furious, Circe vows never to let him in again – to her heart, or her bed.

Hearts & Bite Marks by Julia Mills, C.D. Gorri, T.M. Payne, Amanda Kimberley, P. Mattern & L. Gauthier
Click Here
Dark Moon Falls: Volume 2 Kindle Edition by Bella Roccaforte, Ava K. Michaels, C.D. Gorri and more...
Click Here
Mission: Nutcracker (Inspector Davidson Mysteries) by Cecilia Dominic
Click Here
Batty For Dragons by Alexa Gregory
Click Here
Pam of Babylon Kindle Edition by Suzanne Jenkins
Click Here
All the Teacher's Bad Boys by N.J. Adel
Click Here
Every Wrong Right (Outlaws Book 2) by M.C. Frank
Click Here
Sweet Vengeance (Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 1) by Aliya DalRae
Click Here
Dracones Awakening: Cursed and Hunted by Sheri-Lynn Marean
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