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When grief hurts: coping with loss

There are days Annemieke Henri has to make herself leave her home in Bowness. Widowed just months ago, she knows that it’s important for her to be around other people. She knows it’s good for her to get her own groceries, attend mass and meet up with long-time friends to golf, bowl or snowshoe, activities she enjoys. Henri also knows that her forays into the world sometimes do little to stem what can feel like a rising tide of sadness.

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Looking forward with hope in the new year

In his column, Bishop McGrattan teaches the difference between the secular world and the spiritual world. The virtue of hope. READ MORE.

Ascension Parish has grown and changed...

“There was a miracle that took place here,” said Fr. Avinash Colaco, referring to the days preceding the dedication of the newly renovated Parish. READ MORE. 


Eunice Peterson gets new insights into how sometimes our families and life choices can result in a series of destructive patterns. READ MORE

7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness

Dr Lance Dixon shares his thoughts on a book that offers signs for readers to determine their spiritual health. READ MORE

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Jan. 18-25
Find out more

Diocesan Pastoral Care Course

Feb. 5 & 6
Find out more

The Coldest Night
of the Year

Feb. 23
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Mental Health & Illness Workshop

Apr. 13 or May 25
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​Join internationally acclaimed speakers (Christopher West, Sr. Helena Burns, Mike Mangione and many more) in the one and a half day Theology of the Body 2019 Conference to find answers to your decisive questions about our human destiny, and how to orient your life and actions toward authentic fulfillment - in Christ. When: March 8 & 9 at St. Michael's, Calgary. Register at  See available sessions below:

​We might think we do, but do we really love our bodies? 

Is true love for everyone or just a chosen few? 

What exactly is God's Divine Order in Creation? And what's the alternative?

Human beings are made in the image of God. Why does sex make us most in the image of God?

Did you know that God, the Bible, the Church, Science and Creation are all saying the same thing? 

Are masculinity and femininity just stereotypes or are they something deeper? 

Share stories of your faith in action within your parishes, community, lay associations or at work. Send your photos and write-ups to by the 15th of each month. 

Peace and quiet: Sounds like home, at last

After six years of sleeping in a room that held up to eight men a night, Rob was eager to wake up in his own space. Learn how walking with Coldest Night of the Year made a real difference in fighting homelessness. Read more. 

What you need to know before your first pilgrimage

Keep Mary Ann's tips in mind for your pilgrimage, and you’ll travel more smoothly, spend more time enjoying the prayerful experience, and maybe even relax a little more. Read more.

A reason to face the new year without fear

"...when I lost my job, it was a test on my soul, my emotional balance and financial health." Mirna Farahat shares her take on dealing with the trauma of unemployment. Read more.

You are called to become a saint

Sara Francis asked the Holy Spirit to equip her to share the overflow of love she had received with the world. Read what happened next. Read more.

Employment Opportunities

There are various employment opportunities within the Diocese of Calgary. Find a role that meets your skillset and interests. For a full listing, visit

Work Opportunities
Little Sisters fight against contraception mandate

The Little Sisters of the Poor argue that forcing them to offer an insurance plan that provides birth control pills and devices to their employees violate their religious beliefs.

Pope's Intention for January 2019

Pope Francis is praying for young people who move, who throw themselves into the adventure of faith, who follow Mary´s example. Watch Pope's January Video.   

Child suicide is a crisis in Canada. Here's how we can prevent it.

Kids' suicide rate is 50 times the national average.  Mental health is something that affects every single person, regardless of where they are in their life.

Panama Archbishop to WYD pilgrims: ‘The Church and society need you'

Archbishop Ulloa Mendieta speaks of his hopes for the young people who will attend World Youth Day and the type of Church that Pope Francis will find there.

Downloadable Liturgical Calendar

Bookmark this link, and download the monthly liturgical calendar, which features all feasts in our liturgical year. 

20-Days Mental Health Challenge

Someone said we'll never change our life until we change something we do daily. Check out this handy graphic to help boost your mental health! 

If you choose to talk about it

Resources for safe environment and abuse prevention in the Diocese of Calgary.  

Senior Housing & Facilities List

Here is a handy list of seniors housing and facilities. For a list of health care facilities within the Diocese, click here.  

Here is a personal invitation from Christopher West to join him in Calgary!

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